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Contentment and effort


Those who consider wealth as a source of prosperity are entangled in greed to earn more money on the one hand, and on the other, they take refuge in avarice to keep money for a longer period, prevent its wastage and finally try to enjoy more. But, as a matter of fact, on ground realities the picture is totally different. In fact, stingy persons suffer from pain, strain and stress. They are wealthy, but mentally they are not ready to spend it in a proper manner. Hence they create misery for themselves.

It is clear that contentment does not mean laziness and indolence. Contentment and effort are two separate concepts. Therefore, one of them does not negate the other. “Effort and laziness”‌ are categorized as two antonyms and “contentment and greed”‌ as another couple. Practically, man is either laborious or lazy and in the realm of feeling he is content or greedy. There is no doubt that man should make effort but, the question is whether it is accompanied with contentment or avarice. Imam Ali (A.S) says:

“Search for provisions, it is guaranteed to those who seek it.”‌

Therefore make “contentment”‌ and “laziness”‌ equal is paralogism.  God has warranted provisions, but man shoulders a responsibility as well. Saddir says: I asked Imam Sadiq (A.S) “what is man’s duty in acquisition of provisions?”‌ he answered:

“As you open the shutter of your shop and get ready for your job, you’ve discharged your duty.”‌

Therefore, human beings should make efforts until God gives them provisions and they should be content with what they achieve and should not be avaricious.

Compiled by: Abbas Pasandideh

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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