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Imam Reza’s Recommendations

imam reza (a.s)

Trust God

Mohaddes Qomi writes in Muntaha al-Amal: Ahmad bin Omar bin Abi Shabe Jebeli and Hussein bin Yazid known as Nofeli, once went to Imam Reza (A.S) and told him: we were quite well off in the past, but now our situation is not satisfactory (we are poor now), pray for us and beseech God to restore the previous situation.

The Imam (A.S) answered: how do you want to be? Do you want to be like kings? Are you satisfied if you had Taher's and Harsameh's (1) situation but your beliefs would be opposed to your present ideas?

We answered: no, by God we would never be pleased even if the entire world and its materials belonged to us.

The Imam (A.S) said: The Almighty God says: "Work, O family of David, in gratitude." And few of My servants are grateful."(34:13)(2) and then he said: trust God (avoid pessimism, whoever trusts God, He will be  in his heart. And whoever is content with limited material provisions, God will accept his few good deeds and whoever is satisfied with little lawful but limited income, his expenses would be less and his household would be joyful and blissful and therefore God will assist him in the worldly difficulties and would take him peacefully toward Dar al-Salam [the hereafter]. (3)


1. They were two of Ma’mun’s statemen.

2.  Saba/ verse 13

3. Muntaha al-Amal, Vol. 2, P 280.

By Muhammad Javad Tabasi

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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