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What Colors Mean



Fresh milk and snow both are the color white. White contains all the wavelengths of visible light without absorption, has maximum brightness, and does not have any hue. It is the opposite of black.

In Western culture, white is the color most often associated with innocence, perfection, the good, honesty, cleanliness, the beginning, the new, neutrality, lightness, and exactitude.

* A white flag is the universal symbol for truce.


* White means mourning in China and Japan.


* Angels are usually depicted wearing white robes.


* The ancient Greeks wore white to bed to ensure pleasant dreams.


* The Egyptian pharaohs wore white crowns.


* It's considered good luck to be married in a white garment.


* To whitewash is to gloss over defects or make something seem presentable that isn't.


* A “white knight”‌ is a rescuer.


* A white list contains favored items (as opposed to a blacklist).


* A “whiteout”‌ occurs when there is zero visibility during a blizzard.


* A “white sale”‌ is a sale of sheets, towels, and other bed and bath items.


* A “whited sepulcher”‌ is a person who is evil inside but appears good on the outside, a hypocrite.


* A white room is a clean room as well as a temperature-controlled, dust-free room for precision instruments.


* White water is the foamy, frothy water in rapids and waterfalls.



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