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The Deathless Story of Karbala

imam hussein (a.s)

From age to age, on Virtue's age,

Shall live the deathless story,

His loss remain the Martyr's gain,

His shame the Martyr's glory;

Till truth shall lie, and Honor die,

And time itself be hoary.

Arise Hussein, arise,

Chief of the Prophet's seed;

Fling broad thy banner to the skies,

And come with utmost speed,

Or ere the throne of the All-Wise

Usurped be by foul Yazid?

He's donned his armour bright,

His father's sword girt on;

The sword of Ali, as the might

Of the Destroyer's own:

And he is off ere morning light

Across the desert wide and lone,

Now, Kufa, keep thy word!

To the good cause be true;

Yazid has sent a giant horde

To march thy province through;

The hirelings of his father's hoard,

Who grace or mercy never knew?

They bore his god-like head aloft,

His mouth struck with their whips.

O mouth, that I have seen so oft,

A-teem with angel quips,

In baby-kisses, warm and soft,

Pressed to the Prophet's lips!?

O body, trampled, fouled, disdained,

Which charmed the gazer's eye,

The blood from out thy veins that drained

Was heaven's electuary;

No horses hooves were ever stained

In so divine a dye.

O barren plain of Karbala,

With herb, nor yet with sod

Be clad eternally; for ah!

There, overwhelmed, down-trod,

The holy son of Fatima

Gave up his soul to God!*


L. 19. Kufa, or al-Kufa (Arabic al-Kufa), is a town on western bank of the Euphrates. It is now quite close to al-Najaf. Al- Kufa served as a seat of Imam Ali's government, hence a refuge and center for the Shiites. Just prior to the Karbala incident, several of its inhabitants wrote letters of invitation to Imam al-Hussein; however, most of them betrayed him and participated in the unbalanced war against him in Karbala.

Justice A. D. Russel

Taken from: Ashura poems in English Compiled by Muhammad Reza Fakhr Rohani

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