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Tragedy of Muharram

imam hussien (a.s)

 Gold moonbeam shed their misty light

O'er a saddened world;

To sound of deepest funeral dirge.

Islam's banner is unfurled,

With slow and measured step, tis borne,

Aloft amid the throng,

The emblem of a mighty hand

E'er raised to right a wrong,

In by-gone days its silken folds,

Waved proudly in Iran;

From Continent to Continent,

The Arab symbol ran.

Its path was marked by victory,

The triumph of the right;

Till darkest Africa's heathen hands,

Were bathed in purest light.

That day of happiness is gone;

No more in ecstasy borne,

The banner heads a sobbing throng;

Whose duty is to mourn.

The loss of him beloved by all

A hero without stain,

Whose noble sacrifice has made

The world ring with his name

With open hand he gave his all;

By Ethel M. Pope

Taken from: Ashura poems in English Compiled by Muhammad Reza Fakhr Rohani

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