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Argument with Zayd bin Musa

imam reza (a.s)

In Uyun, Shaykh Sadugh narrates through the words of Yasser who was a servant: “When Imam Reza was in Khorassan, his brother Zayd bin Musa revolted and brought about a riot full of fire, destruction and killing in Media. Maybe this was why he is called Zayd al-Naar.

Al-Ma’mun ordered his officials to arrest him and summoned him to Khorassan. He then ordered his men to take him to the house of his brother, Imam Reza (A.S).

As Yaser says: “when Zayd came to Imam Reza (A.S), the Imam said to Zayd: ‘O Zayd! Have the words of the narrators from Kufa made you so proud when they say, ‘(The Blessed Lady) Fatima (S.A) maintained her chastity, thus God has protected her progeny against the Fire? By God, this holds true only for Al-Hassan (A.S), Al-Hussein (A.S) and Fatima’s own offspring. However, if it were the case that your father Musa bin Jafar (A.S) obeyed God, fasted in the daytime and worshipped God at night, but you disobey God and claim to be equal with him (Musa bin Jafar (A.S) in the Hereafter on the Resurrection Day, this would imply that you are dearer than him (Musa bin Jafar (A.S)) before God.

You must know that no one can be dear before God except by following and obeying his Him. If you assume that despite committing sins, you can again be dear before God, you are terribly mistaken.”‌

Zayd answered: “I am your brother and your father’s son.”‌

Imam Reza (A.S) replied: “you are my brother as long as you obey God’s rules. You must know that Noah said to his Lord: "My Lord, indeed my son is of my family; and indeed, your promise is true; and you are the most just of judges!"

The Almighty God then Said: "O Noah, indeed he is not of your family; indeed, he is [one whose] work was other than righteous, so ask Me not for that about which you have no knowledge. Indeed, I advise you, lest you be among the ignorant."

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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