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Some Statements on Imam Hassan (A.S):  Part 2

imam hassan (a.s)

The most Pious of All

Imam Sadiq (A.S) said: "Imam Hassan (A.S) was the most pious and virtuous one among the people of his time; whenever he wanted to go on pilgrimage to Hajj, he went to Mecca on foot, and even he walked there barefooted; whenever he remembered death, grave, resurrection and crossing the Sirat Bridge, he started crying.”‌ 

Imam Hassan's Humbleness

One day Imam Hassan (A.S) was passing by some poor people who were eating some pieces of bread. They asked Imam Hassan (A.S) to sit and eat with them. Imam Hassan (A.S) accepted their invitation and he demounted his horse and said: "God does not like the arrogant people and he started dining with them. Then, he invited them to his house and gave them food and clothes.”‌ 

The Last Speech of Imam Hassan (A.S)

When Imam Hassan (A.S) was sick in deathbed, one of his followers came to pay a visit to him and said: "O the holy Prophet's grandson, please advise me."

Imam Hassan (A.S) said: "prepare yourself for the Hereafter and before the time of your death, pack up your luggage. You must know that as you seek the world, death seeks you. Regarding your affairs in this world, act as if you are alive forever and about your affairs for Hereafter, act as if you may die tomorrow; If you are seeking honor and dignity without relying on the family or tribe, or if you are seeking the grandeur and elegance without a kingdom, you must avoid humiliation and abasement caused by sins and adorn yourself by submission and obedience of the Almighty God; if you feel you need a companion, choose the one whose companionship will bring about more dignity and honor for you.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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