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Some Statements on Imam Hassan (A.S):  Part 1

imam hassan (a.s)

Departure of Imam Hassan (A.S)

The New Guest

Today the ground in Medina has opened its arms to home its new guest within its heart. Al-Baqi', the strangely silent cemetery has a new quest; it is ready to hold an immaculate man from Prophet Muhammad’s offspring in its bosom.

The Great Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Ali al-Mortaza (A.S) and Fatimah al-Zahra (S.A) have come to welcome the new guest, and appreciate his piety, loyalty, bravery, courage, forgiveness, generosity and patience and they promise him a great and magnificent life beside prophets and saints.

The Imamate of Imam Hassan (A.S)

Imam Hassan Al-Mojtaba’s Imamate was from Ramadhan 21, 40 Hegira to his martyrdom, that is, Safar 28, 50 Hegira which lasted 10 years. He spent around 6 or 8 months of his Imamate as the Muslim caliphate with political responsibilities, and left behind the rest of his Imamate in the sensitive position of intellectual and spiritual leadership of people.

The Most Popular among All

Once, Imam Mojtaba (A.S) was passing by a path on a horse. He faced a man from Damascus who all of a sudden started insulting him. Imam Hassan (A.S) did not show any reaction. He , then, got closer, smiled and said: " if you let me , I may help you; if you need something, I'll give it to you; if you are lost, I'll show you the way; if you are hungry , I'll feed you; if you need clothes, I'll clothe you; if you are poor, I'll make you rich….”‌

Having heard these words, the man from Damascus started crying and said: "you and your father were the most hated by me, but now you are the most beloved ones for me." 

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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