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Bahlool Consulted By a Trader

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A trader in Baghdad came in for consultation and addressed Bahlool as "The Wise". He asked for his advice on which commodity to buy from which he could expect good profit. He was advised to trade in cotton and dates.

The trader followed his advice and he made a good profit within a short period. After some time, that trader came in again but this time called Bahlool "The Insane" and asked him for similar advice.

This time he was advised to invest in onions and water-melons accordingly he went and bought some good quality onions and melons. But this time instead of being able to sell at a profit, the goods began to rot and eventually had to be destroyed at a loss.

The trader rather dismayed with the loss this time came to Bahlool asking him to explain the reason for the loss despite following his advice. In reply, Bahlool explained the first occasion, the trader had called him 'Bahlool the Wise'.

So he offered his advice according to his intellect. But on the second occasion he had called him 'Bahlool the Insane', the advice offered was as such according to what an insane would do.

Obviously a wise trader is the one who puts his investment in such items of goods which are not liable to perish soon. How foolish was it for the trader to consult Bahlool at a time when he thought and addressed him to be insane. So Bahlool had taught him a good lesson.

Consultation in Islam is praiseworthy as can be seen from the following saying of the Prophet:

"Consultation is a protection against repentance and safety from the criticism of people". "The one who seeks advice is helped"

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