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The Principle of Patience and Endurance

part 2


Patience and Endurance of the Noble Prophet (PBUH)

Looking at the process of the call to Islam of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Mecca and then in Medina, one can easily  perceive  that  patience  and  endurance  had  a fundamental role in it. Imam Khomeini's (R.A) analysis on this is eye opening:

“When the Noble Prophet (PBUH) was formally chosen, he was all alone: Arise and warn! Invitation started from him at first. The first day he spoke of his calling, a child (Imam 'Ali) and a lady (Hadrat Khadijah) acknowledged his mission, but endurance, which is a necessary characteristic of prophets, existed completely in the Noble Prophet: “Continue then in the right way as you are commanded”‌.

These two characteristics were fundamental in meeting the goals of the Noble Prophet (PBUH): Uprising and endurance. The endurance was a reason for him not get disappointed in spite of the fact he was empty handed and all the powers in Mecca were against him, in a way he couldn't invite people openly. His calling was done in hiding, he would attract people one by one until he went to Medina and was ordered to call people to upraise: I exhort you only to one thing, that rise up for Allah's sake. Here this is general calling for uprising and the important thing is that it is a rising for God. The secret to the victory of Islam's army in the beginning days of Islam, in spite of the fact they didn't have any armaments was rising for God, movement for Allah and it was belief in God which made the Noble Prophet (PBUH) win. Endurance in God's way, and not getting disappointed, granted victory to the noble Prophet.

The  Noble  Prophet  showed  such  endurance  in  his calling and for guidance of people that was unprecedented. It has been said about him: The Noble Prophet was the most patient over the sins of the people. No one had faced problems in the path of God as much as the holy Prophet had and no one was as patient as he was in the way of God. As Imam Khomeini (R.A) puts it:

“When the Noble Prophet was formally appointed by God””as the Last Divine Messenger””and started propagating Islam, an 8 year old boy””Imam 'Ali (A.S)””and a 40-year old lady””Hadrat Khadijah (PBUH) ””believed in his mission. No one but this two responded to his calling and everyone knows how much he was tormented and how much obstructionism and opposition he faced, but he was never disappointed and never said that I don't have anyone. With a strong will power he was able to conclude his calling single-handedly.”‌

In face of all the hardships during his time in Mecca, like the threats, torments, tortures against his followers, political and economic siege and the hardships during his time in Medina such as obstructionism, disturbances, consecutive wars he showed nothing but patience and endurance and stood as firm as a mountain and this way he smoothed the path of guidance and salvation of mankind and flourished Islam. He was unwavering in all these stages and never wavered. Imam Khomeini (R.A) says in this regard:

“The Chosen of God (peace upon them) were patients in all stages of life and in all types of problems. All the hardships that the holy Prophet  faced when he declared his mission in Mecca and after migration to Medina, including the socio-economic boycott in Mecca and military attacks against him in Medina, brought out the greatest patience in him. The almost three years of the socio-economic siege in Mecca when he and his followers were confined to a gorge (Shi'b Abi Talib) due to the pressures and mischief of disbelievers to the extent that the Muslims were hard pressed even for their daily food. Then he migrated to Medina and there were all those attacks against his government and all the powers launched armed battles against him.”‌


In spite of all these, the holy Prophet never showed impatience and didn't step back from his endeavor to guide the mankind. As Imam Khomeini (R.A) puts it:

“In Mecca in spite of all those pressures and threats and insults; in Medina in spite of all those battles and devastating aggressions by the disbelievers, the Noble Prophet  stood up and never wavered and he and his loyal followers were at the service of Islam.”‌

It was because of this patience and endurance that the holy Prophet was able to save mankind from the quagmires of ignorance.


Behavior and Character of the Holy Prophet of Islam from Imam Khomeini's Viewpoint  

Written By: Mostafa Dilshad Tehrani 

Translator: Ali Shahbaz

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