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The Principle of Patience and Endurance

part 1


“Patience”‌ means strength and perseverance and is equal to “growth”‌ as “growth”‌ is perseverance for God and having strength for him. “Patience”‌ in this context means a constant Jihad which can have different versions but in essence it is a set form of strength and perseverance. At times it is self-restraint against sins and at times steadiness in gaining the truth and at times resistance in the war or invincibility at the time of peace, patience at the time of hardships and consistency at comfort and fun. One can't reach his goals without such consistency. What helped the Prophet in reaching his goals and paved his way to achieve his divine ambitions was his patience and endurance. He carried out such a wonderful job singlehandedly. As Imam Khomeini (R.A) puts it:

“When the Noble Prophet was chosen, he was a single man with so much opposition but he succeeded due to his perseverance and endurance. The secret to the success of the  Noble  Prophet,  in  spite  of  all  those  excruciating problems was his wonderful endurance.

The  problems  the  Prophet  encountered  no  one  has encountered, but he stood till the very last day and acted upon his duty. Success in life and achieving eternal reward cannot be attained unless one has patience and endurance. Many verses in the Holy Qur'an are evidence to this fact:

Peace  be  on  you  because  you  were  constant,  how excellent, is then, the issue of the abode.”‌


“What is with you passes away and what is with Allah is enduring; and We will most certainly give to those who are patient their reward for the best of what they did.”‌

“Surely Allah is with the patient.”‌

God has advised patience and perseverance in 50 verses of the Holy Qur'an and encouraged people to it and praised it and introduced patient men as the most beloved by Him.

He has also named many wonderful consequences for patience.  Patience  and  endurance  has  such  a  special standing that God has dedicated 20 verses of the Holy Qur'an to it. It is because patience and endurance it the special characteristic of the prophets and the goals of their calling won't be met without having them. “Therefore  bear  up  patiently  as  did  the  messengers endowed with constancy bear up with patience and do not seek to hasten for them (their doom).”‌

Prophet  Muhammad (PBUH) carried out this decree whole-heartedly and demonstrated patience and endurance in all aspects of his mission until he reached the manifest victory.


Behavior and Character of the Holy Prophet of Islam from Imam Khomeini's Viewpoint  

Written By: Mostafa Dilshad Tehrani 

Translator: Ali Shahbaz

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