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Mukhtar al-Thaqafy, The First who paid homage to Imam Hussein (A.S)

shrine of imam hussein (a.s)

In the month of Rajab, 60 A.H., Mu'awiyah died. He had ruled the Muslim countries for twenty years. He killed many companions of our Master Muhammad [PBUH]. Hajar bin Ady al-Kindy, Amr bin al-Hamq al-Khazay and Rasheed al-Hajry were of them. He poisoned Imam Hassan (the Prophet's grandson), Malik al-Ashtar, Saad bin Abu Waqas and others.

In spite of the Muslim's dissatisfaction, Mu'awiyah appointed his son Yazid caliph. So, the Caliphate became a kingdom.

The Muslims were angry with Yazid, for he was a corrupt young man. Besides, he drank alcohol and amused himself with monkeys and dogs.

The Muslims in Kufa hoped that Imam Hussein would be the Caliph, for he was our Master Muhammad's grandson. Moreover, he was a good, God-fearing and believing man. And he treated the poor kindly.

So the Muslims sent Imam Hussein hundreds of letters. In their letters, they asked him to save them from persecution.

Imam Hussein [A.S] was in al-Medina al-Munawwara. He did not pay homage to Yazid, for the latter behaved badly. In the meantime, he sent his cousin Muslim bin Aqeel as his envoy to Kufa.

Imam Hussein asked his cousin to stay with the most loyal person in Kufa.

The people of Kufa were waiting for Imam Hussein's coming. They were tired of the Umayyad's persecution. Meanwhile, they longed for Imam Hussein's justice.

Muslim bin Aqeel arrived in Kufa and stayed with Mukhtar . The people of Kufa heard about his arrival.

The people crowded around Mukhtar 's house to see Imam Hussein's envoy. They wanted to pay homage to establish Allah's government.

Muslim bin Aqeel read the Kufians Imam Hussein's message:

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. From al-Hussein bin Ali, To the believing Muslim people, Hany and Saeed brought me your letters. They were your last two messengers. I have understood all that you have written. The majority of your letters have showed that there is no Imam other than me. You have said: Come. May Allah bring us together with you to follow guidance and truthfulness. So, I have sent you my cousin Muslim bin Aqeel. I have ordered him to write me about your attitude. If he writes me that your good people are all in agreement, I'll come, Allah willing. By my life! The Imam must conform to the Book and Justice.

The Muslims were full of hope when they heard Imam Hussein's message. Mukhtar paid homage to Imam Hussein's envoy. He promised to establish the Muslim government. He also promised to revolt against the unjust. Besides he promised to support the persecuted.

Mukhtar was the first to pay homage to Imam Hussein (A.S). Then thousands of people paid homage. Their number was eighteen thousand people.

Taken from the book called”‌ Mukhtar al-Thaqafy”‌ by Kamal al-seyyed

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