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Principle of Modesty and Humbleness

(part 2)


Manifestations of the Modesty and Humbleness of the holy prophet (PBUH)

The honorable prophet implemented the most beautiful manifestations  of  the  modesty  and  humbleness  in  all aspects of life. Imam Khomeini (R.A) has mentioned some of the examples of the modesty and humbleness of the holy prophet as following:

“He  disliked  companions  to  stand  up  for  his  respect. Whenever he used to enter a gathering he used to sit on the nearest point where he could find a seat. He used to eat by sitting on the ground. He used to say that I am a servant of God, and I like to sit and eat like other servants and men of God. It has been narrated by Imam Sadiq (A.S) that the holy prophet used to sit on saddle less ass… it has been reported that the holy prophet used to contribute in working with his family members. He used to take the milk of sheep with his own hand. He patched his dress and repaired his shoes. He used to help his servant in grinding the wheat for turning it in into flour. He used to shake hand with a great devotion and he used to sit with poor and deprived ones to take food.

The holy prophet used to dislike becoming similar to the kings; it has been reported as we read:

“The holy prophet was disliked for becoming similar to the kings”‌

The holy prophet was much liked by the people. He was worried that people might place him upper and tend to his worshipping. He used to fight such thinking and he said in this regard as following:

“You must not place me upper and you must not have such beliefs about me as the Christians say on Jesus. The God, the Almighty has adopted me as his servant rather than his messenger. (God adopted me his servant before assigning me as a messenger”‌.

“You must not become extreme in my praising; as the Christians became about Jesus and Mary instead you utter these expressions that he is the servant and messenger of God.”‌Imam Khomeini (R.A) mentions the stages of modesty and humbleness   as   he   believes   that   the   modesty   and humbleness has many stages but what has been placed at the top is the modesty of the prophets, the friends and devotees of God, the Almighty. They have become modest because of the manifestations of the names, attributes and Divine actions. They are modest before the glory and esteem of a God, the Almighty. As they become perfect from this aspect, their modesty becomes more as the seal of the prophets is the most modest before God, the Almighty. Addition to this, they are also blessed with love, their love to Divine objects, this kind of love is inspired by the absolute truth and it is the most perfect and real stage of the modesty.


Behavior and Character of the Holy Prophet of Islam from Imam Khomeini's Viewpoint  

Written By: Mostafa Dilshad Tehrani 

Translator: Ali Shahbaz

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