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Manifestation of the Friend

Role Model of Strength and Patience

part 17 (Last Part)


The future lies with the Almighty God

When the Ba‘athist regime almost placed the Imam under house arrest except for a few close acquaintances, no one had the right to visit him at his residence. A few days later, the pressure decreased. They would increase and decrease the pressure on the Imam several times in order to force the Imam into silence. In one of these stages when they applied intense pressure my late father got in touch with some of the theologians inside and outside the country and requested them to send telegrams in endorsement of the Imam so that the government of Iraq did not get the impression that the Imam was isolated and can apply as much pressure on his holiness as they could. He himself along with two theologians who had recently arrived in Kuwait sent a telegram to Najaf in which while condemning any kind of restrictions on the Imam, he announced that he was awaiting the orders and instructions of the Imam. These telegrams definitely proved to be useful and beneficial but it was not in the interest of the Imam to respond to them in that era and that too in the form of a telegraphic message. The purpose of the theologians outside Iraq was simply to declare their support and to prevent the government of Iraq from harassing and bothering the Imam. In reply to the telegram of my late father who was his representative in Kuwait, the Imam wrote a letter in which he stated as follows:


In the Name of the Most Exalted; His Holiness Hujjat al-Islam Sayyid Mihri:

After greetings of peace and good health, the telegram of His Holiness and that of Mr. Qa’imi besides other telegrams that were not signed was received. I saw it not expedient to give the reply by means of a telegram. After negotiations, they have for the time being halted their previous actions but I believe that this is temporarily. I have in protest asked for an exit permit but they came and promised that they would not interfere. I don’t know what course of action will be taken in the future; it lies with the Almighty God…


We have delegated authority of our affairs to God

When the agents of the Government of Kuwait recognized the Imam at the border crossing, they did not agree to allow him to enter Kuwait. I was truly overcome with sorrow and asked the Imam why he had left Najaf. He stated: “They threw us out. They sent us away but we came on our own to Kuwait.”‌ Twice the Imam was forced to return to Iraq. I asked him whether I should go and speak with the Kuwaiti officer and he responded: “Never, isn’t it a pity for you to go and sell yourself to him? We shall return; we are with God.”‌ When the Imam felt that I was anxious, during our return journey to Iraq, he gave me one or two words of advice that, “You should not be anxious because our affairs are not in our own hands; we have delegated authority of our affairs to God (reference to a verse in the glorious Qur’an).

Whatever He has ordained for us, that is to our benefit.”‌ Thereafter, he began the journey while I did not have peace of mind not knowing what they would do to the Imam then. On his arrival in Paris, the Imam immediately asked Mr. Ferdowsi-Pur to call me up as I was very distressed.

Trust in God

After the triumph of the Revolution, Yasir ‘Arafat came in the presence of the Imam. I along with a few others were at the side of the Imam. At that time the Imam stated to ‘Arafat that: “If you want to save the nation of Palestine the solution lies in not taking orders from the Soviet Union or America or traveling from this royal court to that royal court. Place your trust in God and take the sword in your hand. God is your patron and the nations will also help you.”‌ If they had acted upon the instructions of the Imam, now the Palestinians would not have become refugees in various Arab countries.


We have God

On the days after the martyrdom of Dr. Mufattih, the discussion centered round the economic blockade about which the Imam stated: “Although they have imposed an economic blockade on us, however, we have God.”‌ He implied that if they actually do succeed in imposing an economic blockade on us, they are not able to create a blockade for God. No one can impose a blockade on God because all of us are in the presence of God.



The Book "Manifestation of the Friend: A collection of memoirs about Imam Khomeini (R.A)"

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