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Manifestation of the Friend

Role Model of Strength and Patience

part 16


Faith and Trust in God

God willing, it will be resolved

The Imam was extremely firm and decisive in the face of difficulties. I never saw him view a problem as being difficult. All problems in his view appeared to be easy. I never heard him mention that an issue posed a difficult problem. In the face of difficulties, he placed his trust in God and would always say that: “it is no problem; God willing, it will be resolved.”‌


If you are doing it for God, then be patient

At the start of the movement some clergymen in Qom were imprisoned including the late Martyr Mahallati. Right then the Imam he gathered them together and stated: “If you did this and went to prison for my sake, I neither have any reward to give you, nor can I do anything for your release. Well, I implore your supplication! If you did it for the sake of God, then be patient and have no fear of these things and do what you are entrusted to do.”‌


We didn’t do it; God did it

On the issue of the state and provincial councils, the Shah’s regime had no alternative but to retreat after the Imam responded strongly and launched a scathing attack. Thus the newspapers wrote that this law was not enforceable. When the clergy who were extremely pleased at the mention of this subject went to meet the Imam, at a gathering of the clergymen, the Imam while offering a brief explanation stated that, “We did not do it; God did it.”‌


Put your faith in God

In the Iranian New Year of 1342 (1963-64) when Qom was turned to Karbala of martyrs and the Faydiyyah Seminary into a slaughterhouse a group came to ask the Imam to leave his residence and to relocate to another place for a few nights. The Imam responded to them and said: “Put your faith in God; go away for Khomeini will not go to any other place from here.”‌ He mentioned the phrase ‘put your faith in God so empathically that the audience began to sob saying that the Imam and the Imam’s state of emotion when uttering those words was extraordinary. When the Imam would speak of God, his face would become buoyant.


As if he saw nothing except God

The worship and relationship of the Imam with God was not something that I could describe. To the extent that I was able to keep in touch with friends of my father and put forward questions on the subject to my mother, all of them opine that the Imam had an exclusive relationship with his God. The Imam was so immersed in God and would speak in such terms about his beloved that one would get goose pimples. It is interesting for you to know that sometimes in times of tragedies and disasters when the authorities would come to see the Imam, he would speak of God in such terms as if saw nothing except God.

About the relationship of the Imam with God, there are abundant memories and words that no pen can do justice to the subject. The Imam was a personality who was truly dissolved in his Spiritual Guide; and he would not reflect about anything except Him and feared nothing except God.

He was always remembering God

The Imam never neglected to invoke God and the invocations were in all circumstances on his lips and deep down in his heart such that on everyday he would recite the specific invocation of that day. While performing ablutions too he would chant invocations and even when he was in hospital, he would make it a point to perform ablutions facing the ‘Qiblah’””direction facing the House of Allah in Mecca.


The Book "Manifestation of the Friend: A collection of memoirs about Imam Khomeini (R.A)"

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