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Manifestation of the Friend

Role Model of Strength and Patience

part 15


I will not intervene personally

The Imam judged that he should not make a plea or request from a person in whom he had no faith and regarded him as being among the unjust and wrongdoers. This was his premise. At one time, a group of members of the Mujahidin-e Khalq Organization in Iraq were arrested. Turab Haqq-Shenas had come to Iraq in this connection and carried a letter from late Ayatollah Taliqani written in invisible handwriting for the Imam. I went with him to see the Imam. When he was received by the Imam, he exposed the letter. In order that he would know for sure that Haq-Shenas had come on his behalf, Ayatollah Taliqani had recalled from memory their get-together with Mr. Zanjani that he had asked Mr. Haq-Shenas to narrate to the Imam. Late Ayatollah Taliqani had also sent a message for me through Mr. Haqq-Shenas so that I would be sure that he was sent on his behalf. Of course this message also recalled from memory a meeting between me and Ayatollah Taliqani from behind bars. From this message, Ayatollah Taliqani intended to request the Imam to ask the Iraq authorities to release this group. After these events the Imam stated: “I must think about it.”‌ next day when we he received us he stated: “I will not intervene personally because if I make a plea to the Baathists, I will be indebted to them in the future and they too will ask me for something.”‌ I gave some explanations so that perhaps it would be effective but he stated: “If right now Mr. Taliqani and Mr. Zanjani would be sitting here and both of them would request me to do this, I will not accept because I do not intend to make a plea from a person in whom I have no faith and consider him to be of the unjust and the oppressors; but if you can do something on your own, then there is no objection.”‌


I shall go with bare feet to the Faydiyyah Seminary

On the day when they broke into Qom and hurled down the clergymen from roofs and upper stories to the ground and would beat them with sticks and stones, when the news reached the residence of the Imam, they requested him to permit them to lock the door because it was planned that after the Fayziyyah Seminary, they would break in to the residence of the Imam. The Imam stated: “No, the door of the house should remain open.”‌ Again, they made a plea saying that it was likely that the commandos of the Shah attack the residence and demolish it. This time the Imam strongly rejected the idea.

The third time when Mr. Lavasani proposed that the Imam allow him to lock the door of the house, the Imam stated to him: “Sayyid, get up and leave my house! You are telling me to lock the door while they are beating up my children, wounding them and killing them inside the seminary and I should lock the door of my house to be safe? If you ask me to do such a thing then I will collect my robe and go to the Faydiyyah Seminary with bare feet.”‌

Magnanimity of personality

We should take note of this verse that says:

“If there is no duty, one can live happily;

                                                                 If there is no belonging, one can die happily

In living, simplicity and informality is one of the best reasons for human knowledge as is incorporated in life. Decoration and beautification and falsification in presentation of a personality can by itself prove well human ignorance of the truth of life, personality and development to perfection. Throughout history, we do not know of any developed personality who has attempted to fix a correct image of his personality in the hearts of the people by means of falsifications in living. The magnanimity of human nature places the personality in such a position of growth that he never surrenders to adorning his self with attractive phenomenon for the desirous of the world. Natural laughter, natural tears, natural gaze, natural behavior, simple and refined approach with human beings that are the worshippers of God all together  reveal  the  magnanimity  of  human  personality.  This  spiritual condition in the Imam was endorsed unanimously by all those who had seen him from close.


The Book "Manifestation of the Friend: A collection of memoirs about Imam Khomeini (R.A)"

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