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Manifestation of the Friend

Role Model of Strength and Patience

part 13


Self-respect and Zealousness

I don’t wish your personality to be demeaned

One night at the time when the Imam would visit the holy mausoleum of Hazrat Ali (A.S), on the way we encountered the Imam in a lane and because we liked to accompany him, we walked behind the Imam towards the holy mausoleum. When the Imam saw us, he stopped and stated: “Gentlemen! Do you have any question?”‌ we replied in the negative but added that we only desired to be with him and it was a pleasure for us.

He stated: “Thank God. I thank you for your kindness. You are honorable personalities; you are clergymen; you are respectable. I do not wish that your personality be demeaned by walking behind me.”‌

I never saw him make a request

The Imam never made a request from any person or to accept a favor. Throughout the period of my acquaintance, I never saw him make a request to anybody. For example, if a seller would charge a higher price for an item, he would never haggle or bargain and would simply move on.


God guarantees your sustenance

After the passing away of Ayatollah Borujerdi, a number of clergymen and seminary students were distressed. Some were concerned for the Theological School itself while some other short-sighted people were concerned about the financial condition of the theological school. The time for journeying of the clergy in the month of Muharram arrived. Some theologians would counsel that when the clerics went to the provincial cities and towns, they should inform the people for financial contributions for the theological school. However, the Imam in his speech stated that, “When you go to the provincial towns and cities beware not to give a bad name to the theological school by begging for assistance. God Almighty guarantees your sustenance and will safeguard this theological school.”‌


Do not worry for your sustenance

After the demise of Ayatollah Borujerdi, for which the Qom Theological School closed down for forty days mourning, on the first day that lessons began, the Imam in a speech at the Grand Mosque counseled the clergymen stating: “Never be worried for your sustenance.”‌ The clergymen asked that what they needed to do since the passing away of Ayatollah Borujerdi to which the Imam replied: “You must have such a lofty spiritual aspiration that the world should not be worth a straw for you.”‌


The clergy should have self-respect

The Imam desired that the clergymen be decent and have self-respect. At times it happened that some clergymen would come and mention their monetary needs to him and the Imam would not treat them kindly. However, this did not mean that he would not help them. On many occasions I myself would send him a note or write a letter through an intermediary mentioning that so and so person needed some money and the Imam would welcome it with open arms. But if a person was to go and mention his needs directly to him, he would not respond favorably. On many occasions it occurred that some people who were not aware of the Imam’s temperament and mentioned their monetary needs to him would find no favor with the Imam and he would convince them that it was not the right thing to do especially if it was in a gathering. The Imam wanted all clergymen to have self-respect vis-à-vis worldly problems and to safeguard their state of trust in God and self-respect.


He did not want the clergy to develop the spirit of expectations

Some clergymen would bring levies for the Imam. His attitude towards such individuals was constructive in such a manner that it caused them to lower their expectations and not to lose their self-respect while not making them to lower their dignity and humble themselves for money in front of any person. Some friends suggested that I request the Imam not to be so rigid about such problems but I did not accept because I knew that all the efforts of the Imam were directed at eliminating the spirit of sycophancy, glorification and hypocrisy and if at all it existed in some individuals, it would be wiped out with the tactic of the Imam.


The Book "Manifestation of the Friend: A collection of memoirs about Imam Khomeini (R.A)"

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