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Manifestation of the Friend

Role Model of Strength and Patience

part 9


The composure of the Imam during the missile strikes

During the bombardment and missile strike on Tehran that would cause every person to be overcome with distress, right at those moments we would see on the television monitor that heartbeat of the Imam had not risen. We would then check his blood pressure and see no difference as compared to normal times and this showed that the Imam was really not afraid of anything.


Normal heartbeat of the Imam during the war on the cities

One day at around ten minutes past eight o’clock in the morning the force of an explosion resulting from a missile strike closest to Jamaran shook the entire place such that the door of the Imam’s room flung open and banged hard on my back as I was sitting next to the door. In that circumstance my attention was diverted to the Imam but I saw no change or reaction in his facial appearance. Later on also when the heart of the Imam was being constantly monitored by means of specialized equipment, I sought the opinion of one of the physicians attending on him and it became clear that there wasn’t the slightest change even in the beating of his blessed heart as reflected on the aforementioned equipment.


The composure of the Imam infected all

An important point which was more effective than the guidance of the Imam in my meetings with him was his state of composure and confidence in approach to problems which would infect those who were in touch with him.


Composure, actions and inactions

This is how we would always view the Imam as being composed, dignified, decisive. He would gaze and speak calmly. He would walk, sit down and arise calmly. While, taking a walk he would never look around him. Even if there was a noise and commotion, he would not be shaken and would not move his head in the direction of the noise. In other words, he was in absolute control of himself.


Fear didn’t exist in the Imam

It was the night of a religious celebration. The heads of the three armed forces had organized a meeting in the house of Haj Seyyed Ahmad. The Imam was also present. At that very instant the air attack by Iraq began. With an air of reassurance, the Imam smiled and stated: “These people are such fools that they don’t know that in such a situation and on such a night, indulging in aerial attack will cause the people to become hostile towards them.”‌ The things that never existed in the person and lexicon of the Imam were fear, nervousness, being taken aback and the likes of these traits.


Spiritual calm in the aerial bombardment of Tehran

At the end of the month of May in the year 1965 that coincided with the blessed month of Ramadhan, Iraqi warplanes would conduct aerial strikes against Tehran at any time of the day and night. The anti-aircraft guns with their deafening and ear-splitting sounds especially reverberating from the mountainous area of North Tehran caused people to lose their sleep and rest. At daybreak, because of sleepless nights all residents were sleepy and lethargic and there was a general breakup of discipline. Although the Imam was not required to take orders from any person and could perform his tasks at will and in keeping with his condition, nevertheless, in a situation in which all desired to sleep during the early hours of the day when it was quiet, the Imam in keeping with his daily routine and program would at eight o’clock in the morning arrive at his office vigorous and refreshed to receive guests. One day Dr. ‘Arif who was constantly monitoring the condition and health of the Imam asked him after a check up whether in those days his sleep and rest had suffered or not to which he replied in the negative. The physician again asked whether there was any difference in his sleep and rest, to which the Imam again emphasized: “No.”‌


Under no circumstance will I change location

In early March 1988, one day it was almost 11.30 in the morning that Mr. Ansari came inside the room and told me that we should go to visit the Imam. I did not ask him the reason for the visit and together we went to see the Imam. The Imam held a rosary in his hand and while he was murmuring invocations he was also walking in his room. When he saw us, he was surprised and was curious to know for what purpose we had come to visit him so hurriedly. Of course, Mr. Ansari was really attached to the Imam and would speak with him freely but on that day I saw that although he speaks well and is so attached to the Imam, he lowered his head and with despair and hopelessness spoke some words that implied that the situation in the city was such that most people had either left the city or if they stayed behind it was because they had made bomb shelters in their homes. He added that the various individuals that were in this noble household including himself and me, had rallied round him and were  horrified at the prospect of aerial bombardment of his residence and thus for their sake he urged him to agree to relocate to a more secure place. He stated further that he had received information that they intended to launch missile strikes on Jamaran from various bases””as evident from the information received””and he pleaded with the Imam to agree to relocate to a safe location.

With perfect composure, the Imam pointed to the house of Haj Ahmad and said: “This Ahmad should also leave together with his wife and children.”‌ Then he added with irritation that: “I will not relocate under any circumstance from this place.”‌ What the Imam implied by stating that “This Ahmad should also leave with his wife and children”‌ was that we who were saying that the doctor and other men were fluttering like butterflies around the Imam could leave together with him but he would not relocate.

Mr. Ansari who did not achieve his objective, with eyes filled with tears and a harsh tone repeated his objective in another form and pleaded with the Imam to accept his contention. The Imam smiled and stated: “Mr. Ansari, you have made a mistake in your calculations. Secondly, why are you becoming emotional? Be in control of your emotions.”‌ Then when he saw his hapless condition, he sated with perfect graciousness that: “Go with this doctor and other individuals and bring to me your plans so that I say to you what must be done.”‌ We were overjoyed that the Imam had finally accepted and I kissed Mr. Ansari out of sheer joy and told him that, “So many prominent theologians of Qom requested him in the present circumstances to relocate to a secure location but he had not accepted and now it was good that the Imam had accepted under the influence of your words!”‌ Less than ten minutes later, Haj Ahmad gave us a ring and said: “Don’t waste your time. The Imam wanted to be excused in a polite manner and did not want to tell you to get out. Therefore, he asked you to go and bring your plans to him.”‌ And just now he told me that I will definitely not relocate to another place.”‌


The Book "Manifestation of the Friend: A collection of memoirs about Imam Khomeini (R.A)" 

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