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Traditions Attributed to Imam Musa Kadhim (A.S)

imam kadhim (a.s)

· A wise man is recognized by his contemplation.

· Modesty is a means of perfection for the wise.

· He, who behaves his family and his religious brothers well, shall live a long life.

· The most valuable people are those who attach no significance to the material world.

· A wise man never tells a lie, although it may be in his favor.

· The material world is like salty seawater. The more you drink, the more thirsty you will be.

· Socialization with pious people is an honor for the material world and the Hereafter.

· Contemplation and prudence form half of life.

· He who does not reckon his daily deeds, does not belong to our faith.

· Anger is a bad key.

· Good-tempered people are the most perfect believers.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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