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Manifestation of the Friend: Perfect Role Model

Role Model of Strength and Patience

Part 1



I have not been afraid of anyone till now

I recall in one of the speeches that the Imam delivered in the Great Mosque in the first years of the struggle in the presence of a large crowd, he stated that he had never been intimidated by any threat and problem. In fact whenever for any reason there was possibility of a problem or alarm, one saw no sign of fear in the Imam. At that same speech””of course I do not recall correctly whether he took an oath or not””when he was sixty-three years of age he stated: “Till now I have never been intimidated by any person or thing and have never been overcome with fear.”‌


I do not recall being afraid of any person

A very successful scientist narrated to me that he was seated with a group of religious scholars in the presence of the Imam. The discussion revolved round the big powers of the world that he stated: “I do not recall being afraid of anything or any person till now except the Almighty God.”‌


Inimitable Orientation

After issuance of the pronouncement that   “befriending the Shah means plunder”‌ a large number of clergymen and theologians were taken for military conscription from Qom and taken to Bagh-e Shah barracks in Tehran. They were disrobed and were asked to wear military uniforms. In those same days, I was in the presence of the Imam. A ‘Sayyid’ seminary student with a very disoriented appearance banged open the door of the residence of the Imam and entered the house and the room in which the Imam and we were seated causing all of those present to laugh as well as to feel saddened. The Imam was busy writing that the ‘Sayyid’ said in a loud voice that, “O Imam, we were coming out of the class of Mr. Meshkini at the Imam Mosque that the police broke in and took away the seminary students, boarded them on a truck to take them for military conscription. They also took away Mr. Rafsanjani.”‌ On hearing this news and the disoriented appearance of the ‘Sayyid’, we were all overcome with sadness and regret while some even broke down and cried. In the same position in which he was seated and busy writing with pen in hand, he looked from above his spectacles at the ‘sayyed’ and stated: “Now why don’t you sit down?”‌ When the ‘Sayyid sat down, the Imam removed the spectacles from his eyes and with his normal composure rested against the wall and stated: “Were they taken away for military service?”‌ To which the man replied affirmatively. The Imam then stated: “They must undergo military duty; we need them in the future!”‌ This matter coming at that time from the Imam was truly at an inimitable and incredible level.


While they beat up my children!

At dusk of the same day on which the Faydiyyah Seminary incident took place, we were at the residence of the Imam that news of the beating up of seminary students reached our ears and that they intended to come to the Imam’s residence. The late Sayyid Muhammad Sadiq Lavasani who was a very close friend of the Imam, stood up and closed the door of the house. As soon as the Imam to know of this, he immediately rose and opened the door of the house stating that: “Should I close the doors of my house on myself while they beat up my children?”‌

Thereafter, he stood up to recite prayers and like other nights, he recited the optional night prayer when perhaps at any moment they may have attacked the residence of the Imam.

Soul at peace with God

Before the Faydiyyah incident and near the annual Feast, one early morning, when I was on my way, I saw declarations that were pasted on two walls. In those declarations that were from the ‘Savak’ secret police and were pasted on the walls under different names such as ‘national front’, Society of Women etc… insulting remarks were made about the Imam using very foul language. On seeing these declarations, I became extremely disturbed. Anyway, I went to the residence of the Imam and noticed that some individuals had also brought along with them some of those declarations. While I was extremely disturbed, I told Mr. Sani‘i that: “I want to see the Imam.”‌ Mr. Sani‘i told the Imam that I had come to see him and a few minutes later the Imam asked me to go inside. When I was in the presence of the Imam, I saw that he was studying in preparation for classes. This was a little amazing for me that in this situation and circumstances, when things were  becoming  complicated  and  despite  these  declarations  that  had profoundly affected everybody, how the Imam was in such control of himself and was busy reading and that too a text that was not part of the syllabus. The book that he was reading was a book that was for instance, authored by a theologian about a discussion and the Imam was reading it in order to debate and reject the discussion. I was astounded at this amazing morale of the Imam that at a time when we did not have the nerve even to take a look at a book, he was busy reading in absolute peace.


The Book "Manifestation of the Friend: A collection of memoirs about Imam Khomeini (R.A)"

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