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Manifestation of the Friend

Perfect Role Model

part 9


Avoiding holding private meeting with the authorities of the Shah’s regime

Before the victory of the Revolution and in the previous regime, the people of Iran would go to Qom to hear the words of the Imam and would visit him either at the Great Mosque or in the front yard of his residence. In those days individuals would come to hold private meetings with the Imam but the Imam  would  not  hold  private  meetings  with  any  of  the  government authorities and if a person would come in his presence, he would state to those present that, “You also be present in the meeting”‌ and in this way he would prevent any exploitation.


Do not edit my words

One of the characteristics of the Imam was that he would not grant a private audience to anybody because he would state: “Some of them edit my words.”‌ Thus he would ask three clergymen and his students to be present and then meet with any authority.


Avoiding meeting the Iraqi authorities in private

The authorities in Iraq would repeatedly ask for a private audience so that perhaps the Imam would agree to their request; however, the Imam had no plans to meet the Iraqi authorities and would try as far as possible, not to give them permission. However, when at times it became necessary and he would grant permission, the Imam would invite a few reliable and trustworthy individuals who held a special position in Najaf to participate at the meeting so that they could not engage in political maneuverings and ascribe any issue to the Imam in order to take undue advantage. Among the individuals were the late Ayatollah Madani and some of the prominent and trustworthy Arab theologians.


The Munafiqin (hypocrites) have taken you for a ride

On the trip that I intended to be received by the Imam in Najaf, I met one of my friends who asked me to tell the Imam to endorse the Mujahidin (Munafiqin) organization as soon as possible otherwise it would be late and we would fall behind. I mentioned the subject to the Imam who stated: “The gentlemen… and Mutahhari also persuaded me to defend them; but you do not understand that they have taken you for a ride. They don’t believe in our Islam. Friends abroad have also persuaded me and pressurized me on this subject, but they too have been deceived.”‌


Their books are deviant

When the Munafiqin   (Mujahidin-e Khalq Organization who committed treason against the people after the victory of the Islamic Revolution and were later famously branded as the Munafiqin””hypocrites) raised their voice in protest and one or two operations were carried our successfully, it resultant in their increased acceptance so that the clergymen who were fighting against the Shah’s regime sung their praises. Some even went further and assisted them financially while some others even joined their ranks. At every gathering they were showered with praises endorsing their religion and piety. It reached the point where even respected theologians issued statements in their favor. When the regime wanted to execute some members of the organization, they protested their executions and wrote that they were pious individuals and guardians of religion. However, at that moment the question arose that why the Imam who was the leader of the struggle had not said a word about them. Even one of today’s prominent theologians met me in Tehran and asked me to tell the Imam that they would take over the government and he would be compelled to endorse them but by then it would be too late and that before it was too late, he should endorse them. I agreed and went and told the Imam who kept silent. The Imam neither endorsed them nor sent any financial assistance to them and nor was he willing to speak a word in their favor.  When I asked the Imam for the reason for his stance he stated: “I have read their books; I noticed that there was no mention of Islam and they were deviant and so I did not endorse them.”‌ This was in a situation when their books and literature was read by all in Qom, Tehran and Mashhad.


He would listen to the reports of all people

Individuals from Iran and abroad would arrive and the Imam would listen to their reports. However, in keeping with his practice, he would himself do the analyses and take decisions. I remember quite accurately the incident of Hussein  Ruhani  who  was  a  member  of  the  Munafiqin (hypocrites) organization and whom the Imam had referred to in one of his speeches. This person came to see us on the understanding that he could influence the Imam through us. We told him that this was an inaccurate understanding that he had of the Imam because he would listen directly to the other party and take decisions on his own. Nobody could influence the Imam and it was useless to engage in preliminary activities.


The Book "Manifestation of the Friend: A collection of memoirs about Imam Khomeini (R.A)"

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