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Manifestation of the Friend

Perfect Role Model

part 8


One-minute definition

The Imam would never allow his time to be wasted. We saw on many occasions that minutes before the meal was to be served which is normally spent idly, he would use those minutes to study and recite the glorious Qur’an. Once I went in his presence for some work. When the conversation ended, he looked at his watch and said: “Can you give a one-minute definition?”‌ before I could think about it and workout my mind, the one-minute had elapsed and the Imam switched on the radio. At that instant I realized that he intended to use the one-minute before the news broadcast and not to spend it idly because he had a habit of listening to the news on time.


He never had time on his hands

At his residence, the Imam would listen to the radio or watch television or read letters or study the news reports. He would not be idle for a minute. He would take the radio with him even to the bathroom or the radio set would be perched on his shoulders while he performed ablutions. I can say with assurance that he never had time on his hands.


He would recite the Qur’an even if it was for less than two minutes

In the gap between the noon and evening prayers when he would come for lunch, in this brief moment of a few minutes, the Imam would seize the moment to recite the glorious Qur’an which would last for less than two minutes.


He would make good use of all the hours of the day

The Imam would make good use of all the hours of the day. For example, if the physician would prescribe that walking was good for his health, while acting on the instructions, he would make other use of his walking. For instance, he would take along a small radio set with him for the morning walk and listen to the proceedings of the parliament; or in the afternoons, he would tune in to the foreign radio stations or read the evening newspapers. He would perform at least two tasks simultaneously by acting on the instructions of the physician and also listening to the news of the situation all over the world.


Making full use of time even when hospitalized

Even on the night before the surgery on the hospital bed and the serum and drugs were being injected and despite general weakness, the Imam did not neglect to recite the Qur’an and perform prayers. He was not ready to spend a single moment of his life however short and fleeting, in idleness.


Shrewdness and being Knowledgeable of the Enemy I know what you want to say

Of the sagacious judgment of the Imam not only in relation to the Shah’s regime rather, with every individual, person, group or gathering whom he would come across was that he would evaluate the other party at the first encounter. I heard this from my martyred brother Haj Mustafa who would quote the Imam as having said that, “Sometimes when a person comes to see me as soon as he opens his mouth and has not finished his sentence, I come to know what he wants to say and what designs he has and what objective he wants to achieve from his meeting with me.”‌


If you hear about something keep your calm

Before the arrest of the Imam, one day the rumor of the departure of the Shah from Iran gained strength and the government bodies in Qom would strengthen this rumor. They withdrew the police constables from their guard duty, caused a blackout in parts of the city of Qom such that even people on the streets of Qom would congratulate us. On that night a large crowd gathered at the residence of the Imam. A person would quote this matter confidently that, “I have accurate information that the matter is correct.”‌ The clergy and people insisted that the Imam be brought to the shrine as a show of conquest and victory. When the Imam noted the insistence of the clergy, he began to counsel them stating: “Do not loose your composure under any circumstance; if you hear something, keep your calm.”‌ With these few words, the crowd dispersed and the plot of the enemy was negated.”‌


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