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Manifestation of the Friend

Perfect Role Model

part 2


When the Imam visited the mausoleum

In Najaf, it was the Imam’s habit to hold a meeting in the night after the dusk and night mandatory prayers in the outer room of his residence. Everyone was free to participate at these sessions; everybody could see him. After the meeting was over, the Imam would go to visit the shrine of Hazrat Ali (A.S). The meeting would last until exactly 3 A.M. past midnight and after it was over he would visit the shrine. This was a routine task such that if a person wanted to adjust his timepiece he could easily do it either by waiting outside his residence on ar-Rasul Street where he would appear at precisely 3 A.M. or when he would return from the mausoleum, one would know for certain that it was 3.30 A.M!


Discipline in the Imam’s visits to the mausoleum

On one of our visits to Iraq, we were sitting with a group of clergymen and theologians after the dusk and nigh prayers on the grounds of the mausoleum of His Holiness the Commander of the Faithful (A.S). When the discussion was over and the men wanted to leave, they looked up at the timepiece and noticed a discrepancy in time. The clock of the mausoleum of Hazrat Ali (A.S) that was in Arabic digits, showed that it was 2.30 A.M. (past midnight) that differed by five to seven minutes with the watches of the men. Right then the Imam entered the grounds from the door facing the ‘Qiblah’ direction of prayer. One of the teachers of Najaf who was present asked that they adjust their watches as it was now exactly 2.30 A.M. past midnight and that it was then thirteen years (thirteenth year of the Imam’s stay in Najaf) since the Imam entered the grounds of the mausoleum every night at precisely the same time.


It is ten minutes to supper

The brethren had brought a film of the programs of the Revolution to France and they suggested that we tell the Imam to see it after supper. I went and told him that supper was ready and whether we should eat. The Imam looked at his watch and stated: “Now it is still ten minutes remaining to supper.”‌ The day and night routine of the Imam was divided in such a manner that without seeing him, we could easily guess what the Imam was doing then.


Daily timetable

The Imam had a timetable for his daily tasks which he would prepare himself. In that timetable, the tasks to be performed at every hour of the day and night were included except for an hour of the night when he would awaken to recite the optional midnight prayers and recite supplications invoking God.


Meticulous and routine discipline in programs

A person could adapt his living from the working hours of the Imam. The household of the Imam understood his living routine like a mechanical timepiece and thus they would adjust their programs on the basis of the Imam’s routine. They know exactly what time the Imam sleeps; what time he awakens; when he must take tea and what time he would come out for appointments.


Meticulous weekly programs of the Imam

Apart from the order and discipline that he had in all his workings and plans, the Imam normally never concentrated on one job at the expense of another and to be negligent of the other. Every day each worship, recitation of the Qur’an, supplications, various kinds of studies, listening to the news or taking a stroll, warming up and doing physical exercises (that according to the opinion of his physician was necessary in order to safeguard his health), attending to and giving replies to religious affairs, granting permission and receiving  religious  taxes,  meetings,  consultations  and  socializing  with members of the family, eating, personal hygiene and relaxation would be undertaken in an orderly manner and at the programmed time. This same discipline governed his weekly programs such that for example, every Friday morning after listening to the 8 A.M. news, he would prepare to go to the public bath.


The Book "Manifestation of the Friend: A collection of memoirs about Imam Khomeini (R.A)"

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