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Reward of Mourning over Imam Hussein’s Martyrdom

imam hussein (a.s)

A narration mentioned in the authentic book, Kamil ul Ziyarat, quoting Imam Sadiq (A.S), through his companion Mosama’ states:

“O, Mosama’, you are from Iraq. Have you visited the shrine of Hussein? I said: No. I am from Basra and there are great numbers of enemies and hence I am not safe because they may report it to the son of Suleiman. And he may punish me in a manner to be a lesson for others; hence I have been very cautious and don’t go on pilgrimage to his shrine. The Imam said: ‘Do you recall the troubles inflicted on him as well as the hardships created for him’? I said: yes. The Imam replied: Do you lament and sob? Yes, I said swear by God; I become so sorrowful out of remembering the hardships inflicted on him that my family members witness from my expressions; and I become so upset that I cannot eat and drink while the effects of sorrow are reflected on my face. The Imam said: God bless you for your tears. Indeed, you are among those who have cried because of us and have become happy because of our joyfulness, become sorrowful as a result of our grief, been frightened because of our fear and they are safe when we are safe. God will definitely have mercy on you.”

In this regard, also quoted in the same book, the Imam says: “On the Day of Judgment, a caller would call: Where are the Shias of Household of Muhammad? Some would rise among the people, whose number is not known to anybody except God. Then the caller says: where are the pilgrims of Hussein’s shrine? A large number of people rise: Then they are told: hold the hands of anybody you like and take them to the heaven; then, the one who is among pilgrims could take whoever s/he likes to the heaven.” (Bihar ul Anwar, vol. 44, p. 285).

By Alireza Mahdavi

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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