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This is Life!

this is life!

As we grow older, our past and the treasury of the experiences we have gained all make us aware; that “Hey! This is life!” What I am trying to say here is that there are several occasions, even from our early childhood, that we postponed for later. We make lots of excuses; when I grow up…when this problem is solved….when I graduate from school…when my parents buy a house…when we move to a new neighbourhood….when I can earn some money of my own…when I have some time to myself…

But the truth is that there is absolutely no end to such words and excuses that are constantly spoken and at all times, because obviously there is no need to the chain of excuse and complaints we can make. Most of us have gone through similar stages in our life and have justified our dark days by saying that we will really live a whole life when the time comes…But who knows what will come up tomorrow?! Whether we like it or not, in truth all these seconds, hours, days, weeks, months and years are parts of our life and have a share in the total outcome of who we are, who we become later on and what we may accomplish in life…

As I said before, there comes a time when out of the blue, and maybe for no good reason at the surface level, we discover that “Hey! This is my life! What am I doing with it?!” And when this amazing and wonderful discovery occurs, new questions appear in the mind; “Am I really living my life?...Am I wasting my time?....Maybe I am messing up everything available to me!...How can I enjoy my life?....Do I ever enjoy life in the present moment?...”And then again, there could be absolutely no end to such questions either.

But this is not the issue anyhow and what matters most is how you respond to such questions in your own private. This is your life regardless of all its shortcomings and the points you dislike about it. There are certain elements that you can change by your will and in the meantime there are issues and factors that you can’t control or even change. And this is how it will always be no matter what. As we move on in life, you may somehow earn more control over your own personal life in some ways; but there are still things that you can’t change and you just need to learn to be clever, and enjoy finding new paths for copying with them.

So at the end of the day; what would you say to yourself; am I truly living my life as it is? Try to answer this simple question for quite a while and record your answers in a journal with the date and any explanations you feel necessary. After some time, you will be amazed at how things have changed for better in you and for you in life…

By Sh. Ghandehari

Source: Zamzam Magazine

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