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Six Tips to Parents- Casting Light on New Pedagogical Points


To do anything, some conditions may be required. To study as hard as possible at home, the conditions of it should be made available. In order to properly prepare the atmosphere of your house, pay careful attention to these tips and recommendations:

1. Physical Atmosphere

In terms of physical atmosphere, studying should be done in a specific place. If the student has his own room at home, we should prepare the house without any comings and goings of anyone. The mother of the family should manage correctly such that the children have at least a little space and room to study and do their exercises.

2. Control

Control plays a major and key role in the education of the child. This duty rests significantly on the mothers’ shoulders. The mother should specifically have control over her elementary-school child while doing his/her exercises.

3. Parents’ Behavior

The atmosphere of the house should be devoid of any conflict and chaos in which the children can study in a comfortable manner. An atmosphere in which parents always argue with each other can cause psychological problems and disorder. This may lead children to quit studying and not do their exercises, as well as deter them from any advancement.

4. Scheduled Leisure Time Parents should limit the leisure time and parties through an appropriate schedule and arrange the sleeping time of their children. Children’s games and amusements should be planned and scheduled by their parents as well. It is so wrong that children spend their time on watching TV or playing any games on demand without any plan and schedule. The children can play games after doing their exercises and their favorite games should preferably be played just on holidays.

5. On Time Dinner

In some families the father returns home so late and the children eat everything they want without any control. It is better that the mother schedules and plans the dinner time and the sleeping time during the academic year; accordingly, children should eat their dinner duly and go to bed without any interruptions. Eating dinner so late may cause the children not to sleep well and lose the concentration and attentions required for the next day.

6. Emotional Support

The emotional support of the parents and the comfort of the family are very important and influential factors for the education of children in order to boost their morale.

By: Dr. Sima  Ferdosi (Psychologist)

Translated by: M. H. Broomand

Source: mahjubah.com

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