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Imam Ali bin Hussein (Zain ul Abedin), the Fourth Imam (Part 1)

imam sadijad (a.s)

Courier of Love

Zain ul Abedin was the courier of love. It is amazing. When he was going somewhere, on his way, he would pay attention and help the needy, lonely, stranger and poor, particularly when others did not heed (usually, people would not intermingle with the leper because of fear of extraction of illness, but they are servants of God). He used to invite them to come to his house and nurse them. His house was turned into the residence of the poor, orphans and destitute.

Imam’s worship and sobbing

Ali bin Hussein did not have an opportunity like his father or like that of Imam Sadiq. But for a person who wants to serve Islam, every occasion is an opportunity, although the nature of those occasions differs from one another. The Imam’s supplication is a great honor for Shiism. At the same time he imparted his message through that supplication.

Some people think that since Imam Zain ul Abedin did not rise, he let the tragedy of his father’s uprising sink into oblivion. But, it is not so. He used every opportunity to keep the memory of his father’s uprising alive. Why would he weep frequently? In fact, he did so to remind the people of that tragic event. His sobbing was not merely an aimless cry or that of a person who is bereaved, rather he wept in order to keep the memory of Imam Hussein’s uprising alive so that the people know the murderers. Hence, he cried and sobbed frequently. Once, one of his servants (who knew the Imam wept for his dear ones) asked: Isn’t it time to stop weeping? The Imam said: You know, Prophet Jacob had only on Joseph. The holy Qur’an, explaining his grief, states: “…His eyes turned white with the grief…”‌ I personally witnessed eighteen Josephs falling one after another in front of my eyes.

By Morteza Motahari

Collection of Works, Vol. 18

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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