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Dare Yourself!

dare yourself!

Is there something you need to do, but then just when you think about it, you panic and freak out? Does mere thinking about taking that particular step give you a lot of stress and you just see unimaginable obstacles and problems on the way? Do you constantly ask yourself “what if? And are really worried that you might not be able to do it successfully and at the end feel as you failed? Relax! Because you are not alone and every single person experiences that in life, some just a few times and others feel all such panic and stress, especially when they have to face a new situation and undergo unknown challenges. But the sooner you overcome such fear, the better results you can achieve! Sit down, and think deeply about the reasons behind your fear and worry. Are they for real, or are you making up things in your mind and are just looking for an excuse to escape from a new circumstance and feel safe where you are spotted?

The truth is, it is always much easier to run away from a new situation by making up some strange excuses and stay in the comfort zone we are already in. But if you want to proceed in life and make progress and move forward in the one way or another, then you have to gather all your strength and courage and go for it. If you want to feel pleased with who you are, then you should explore life in numerous ways and welcome the unexpected paths ahead of you. You have more power and strength than you really know, so you just need to discover your own potentials when something new comes on your way. Instead of worrying about the whole situation and turning it into something horrifying, write it down realistically and spot what fears you. Analyze the situation in detailand discuss it with a close friend, your siblings or your parents and ask their opinions and open up what bothers you.

Always beware that our mind has the power to make things much more difficult than they are in practice, and this takes away a huge portion of our energy, creativity and ability to cope and work things out. But then when you dare yourself to go for it and see what happens in practice, you are amazed to realize that things are not as bad as you think.

By Sh. Ghandehari

Source: Zamzam magazine

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