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Create Great Memories

positive thinking

When you look back in life, only great memories are left for you. So it’s very crucial to create wonderful and happy memories in life. There are most often times when we take everything for granted, don’t care or consider all the gifts and divine blessings we enjoy and pass our days sulky and with a terribly high negative attitude. However, this will turn into a memory too; but you can choose and make a clear decision in life; it is, indeed, an option and it depends on how you handle anything that comes on your way.

It might rather seem easy to have a hopeless, and negative approach and criticize everything as it is; and then right there forget or even deny the unique role we can play to make some changes in the present situation and make a full colourful rainbow out of our life, shining with great moments and small joys and delights. All the same, you can be sulky and cross with just about everything and everyone in life and lead a painful life and suffer useless pain in your trivial daily issues and lose all your strength for no good reason.

What do you think? I guess you need to make this fact very clear for yourself once and for all and realize that your thoughts, acts and behaviours, in addition to your words, create the life as you go along. Therefore, in order to prove and express our gratitude towards God and the whole universe for all the uncountable gifts and blessings granted to us, we are obliged to live decently and respect life, nature, cosmos and humankind as a special creature; in addition to paying real respect to our own creation which is indeed an unimaginable miracle.

You live just once and you have a precious opportunity to make it worthwhile as long as you can and still have time for it. Don’t lose time, do not kill time or waste your precious time because no matter what is going on, you can never save your time in life. Whether you use it for better or worse, it just passes by like a flash and before you know, your entire life turns into an image, a memory and that is all you can cling to, and feel proud about it as a person who has made any necessary attempt to live a full life and breathe in the air of divine energy and gifts. On the contrary, if you have not made your life an enjoyable journey for yourself and people around you, you will be stuck with a terrible sense of remorse and regret, but then again it is a little too late to go back in time and compensate for all that is lost and gone forever. Never underestimate your own unique and exclusive role in life and think properly and use your options well enough…

By Sh.Ghandehari

Source:‌ Zamzam Magezine

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