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Manifestation of the Friend

Subtle Spirit 

part 13


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One of the students of the Imam took upon himself the responsibility of publishing the book “Makasib-e Muharramah”‌ (Illicit earnings). At the end of the book the Imam had not written his own name. When he was told to write the name of the author of the book, he stated: “Not at all! It is not necessary. The contents are important.”‌ I pleaded with him but he did not agree and finally stated: “It is not necessary. If it is to be printed in this way, well and good otherwise let it not be printed.”‌

Finally, I hit upon an idea and requested him to at least write his name in the book so that those who have any questions will know whom to refer it to and it becomes evident who has written it. He stated: “Well, if this is the case, I will write.”‌ He wrote: “This book been written with the hand of a mortal by the name of Ruhollah al-Musawi al-Khomeini.”‌

Tell him that I have not become a polytheist as yet

The Imam would receive the news of Najaf through a group of us clergymen. On the orders of the Imam, this group would gather the news and report to him without making any alterations. Even minor subjects would be reported to him such as when we told him that a person was saying that his turban and his beard was small and was not at the level of a Source of Emulation, to which he stated: “Tell that gentleman that I have not become a polytheist as yet.”‌


He was a gift from God

When the news of the martyrdom of Haj Aqa Mustafa was received, everyone gathered to discuss how to narrate this event to the Imam and give him the news because out of the intensity of sorrow no body dared to report it to the Imam. Ahmad Aqa was restless as was evident from his shadow that was cast from the window onto the glass. The Imam was sitting in the room and came to know what had happened. He called out to Haj Ahmad Aqa who answered and the Imam said: “Come and tell me what has happened?”‌ Ahmad Aqa broke down and cried. Naturally it was difficult to control but the Imam with his characteristic strength, only uttered “We are from Allah and unto Him is our return; this was a gift from God; today he took it back. Now get up and make preparations and see where we must go to take delivery of his body and where we must bury him.”‌


There was no difference between ‘outside and inside’ of the house

What was most important was the sincerity and devotion of the Imam. The Imam behaved in the same manner at public and private gatherings as inside the house. It made no difference. He would mention a subject in the same manner both among the people and inside the house. There was no difference between his private and public appearances. Of course at home, he would engage in arguments and play games with the children.


Diligence in matching words with action

My brother Haj Aqa Rida Thaqafi would say: “One day he was received by the Imam who gave him a letter which was to be handed to the IRIB authority for broadcasting throughout the network. I handed the letter to the relevant authority. A few minutes later, the Imam called me and stated: “Go and bring back the letter immediately.”‌ I brought back the letter. The Imam changed a few words and again handed me the letter and stated: “Now give it to the news broadcasting network.”‌ I did as I was told and then went to the Imam and asked him what was wrong with the letter. The Imam stated: “In the letter I had written that I pray for the Baseej volunteers with all my attention whereas this was not right and so I wrote that I pray for the Basij volunteers with my maximum attention.”‌


Standing to prayer at the level of sufficiency over obligation

The quality of standing for mandatory congregation prayer of the Imam in Jamaran before the break of fasting at dusk and in meetings with the government authorities that was broadcast live from the television network that revealed the level of sufficiency over obligatory duties of mandatory prayers were a manifestation of his distancing from hypocrisy.


The Book "Manifestation of the Friend: A collection of memoirs about Imam Khomeini (R.A)"

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