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Manifestation of the Friend

Subtle Spirit

part 12


These designations must be removed

In keeping with the traditions in Najaf, when the book “Tahrir al-Wasilah”‌ was published, at the back cover of the book, designations such as “grand ayatollah’ or ‘Head of the Theological Schools’ and so forth would be written. This was not something new and no one was to be blamed and the printers and publishers had acted in the same way as they had with regard to the rest of the religious authorities. When the Imam came to know of the subject with total decisiveness, he prevented its distribution stating that: “These  designations  must  be  removed.”‌  The  relevant  publishers  were ultimately forced to back down and erase the title from the book.


I don’t have money; ask him to pay back the loan

In Iraq when the question of my marriage came up, my financial condition was not good and my connection with Iran was not well-established. About this matter, I told Mr. Ridwani if he could take a loan of five-hundred Iraqi Dinars (equivalent to ten-thousand tomans) for me from the Imam. He communicated the matter to the Imam who stated: “Give him a two-month loan of five-hundred dinars and take back the money at the beginning of each month.”‌ I took the money and made preparations for my marriage. It was nearing the completion of the two-month period the Imam sent a message through Mr. Ridwani that: “Tell so and so that his two-month period was about to end and that he must pay back the loan as I do not have money.”‌ Really it was amazing for me that if there was any other person in place of the Imam, he would have done whatever he could for a person like me who had done so much for him. But the Imam wanted that both his devotion as well as ours be safeguarded and thus I had no alternative but to pay back the loan of the Imam right at the conclusion of the two months.


Islam was the criteria

The loftiest ethical value of the Imam was his criteria of passion and hatred in relation to individuals, piety and service to Islam. The Imam even measured the love he had for his wife and children with this yardstick.


Tearful face

When he would visit the shrines in Najaf or Kazimayn, the Imam would not recite all the supplications like others did in the shrine so that the people would notice. On Thursday nights when we would visit the shrine, he would return home and recite the “Kumayl”‌ supplication in the house; or when we would return from the mosque, he would go to his room, shut the door from inside, put off the light for about fifteen minutes and engage in exclusive forms of worship. Once when I returned with the Imam from the mosque I saw that the Imam had disappeared. The lock on the door of the upper room hung in such a manner from the door that I thought the door was locked. I thought the Imam had left the house and asked the attendant of the house about the whereabouts of the Imam. He replied that the Imam had climbed the stairs to the upper room but when I went there I saw that the room was locked and the lights were off. Ayatollah Tabrizi had also arrived to meet the Imam. Again the attendant mentioned that the Imam was upstairs and I replied; “By God he is not there and room is locked.”‌ I heard the Imam call from inside the room that: “Mr. Forman, I am here; don’t shout!”‌ then he got up, unlatched the door which he latched from inside.

I asked the Imam why he sat in the darkness. The switch was near the door and as soon as I put on the light I saw the Imam in prostration. He asked: “What do you want?”‌ the Imam was reciting certain supplications in that position which we could not understand; but when he raised his head from prostration I saw that his face was tearful and the place of prostration was soaked with tears.


The Book "Manifestation of the Friend: A collection of memoirs about Imam Khomeini (R.A)" 

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