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Manifestation of the Friend

Subtle Spirit

part 11


It is the carnal spirit that invites

When I was in Najaf, I remember hearing complaints from some individuals that the Imam was not receiving them very warmly. I mentioned this to late Haj Aqa Mustafa to tell the Imam to receive these individuals more warmly. He replied that he had reminded the Imam so many times about this subject and the Imam had stated: “This is among the promptings and conspiracies of Satan. It means that in reality it is the carnal spirit that summons me to be warmer with individuals so that the number of my admirers increases. However in order to make the matter ambiguous, Satan says that this for the cause of God and Islam! Therefore I cannot do as you say.”‌


Should I now become a polytheist?

In Najaf some of the clergy and the people would complain to the Imam that why he was not being warm and cordial with some of his friends. For instance they would say that when two ayatollahs meet each other, they bow and become cordial with one another. The Imam would state: “I worked hard and toiled in the course of forty years so that I became a monotheist; now I should come and become a polytheist and prostrate in front of you and the gentlemen the clergy)?!”‌


Endeavor to create a spirit of devotion

The attitude of the Imam differed from that of others. The attitude of others was that the closer a person got to them; the more he was looked after. But in case of the Imam, the closer a person was to him, the less attention was paid to him. Even if an ordinary cleric came to meet him, the Imam would accord him more respect whereas if for example, his own children or one of us who was very close to him entered, he would not react in such a way that we would feel we were close to him and create expectations in us. He would endeavor to create a spirit of devotion in us.


What reply can we give to the Messenger of Allah?

In Najaf, some people wanted to adopt a style known as observance of hierarchy of the revered sources of emulation of Shi‘ites so that with this excuse they could disregard the social position and standing of the Imam. This issue was extremely disagreeable to friends. I along with two others were selected on behalf of all the friends to go to the Imam and inform him of such an issue. I who have a gift for talking quickly told the Imam that every environment had its own customs and traditions and apparently, observance of customs and traditions is not forbidden by religion and that the position of his holiness was such that he belonged to all Muslims and this position must be safeguarded for Islam whereas with the plan that the gentlemen (clergy) had, they intended to disregard his position or God forbid, defame him. Thus I requested him that based on the customs and traditions governing the environment, not to accept the plans of the gentlemen. When our dialogue ended, he narrated a story that we felt humbled and ashamed in relation to his spiritual greatness. The Imam stated: “In the past when there was no electricity and the lanes were dark, one of the gentlemen was going somewhere and as was customary, a person holding a lantern walked ahead of him. Incidentally, he was going to a gathering where another gentleman was also going. On the way when they encountered one another, this man distanced himself a little bit from the other in order to make it known that he had a exalted stature and a personal lantern carrier.”‌

After narrating this incident he stated: “If on the Day of Resurrection we are lined up in the presence of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) and asked about such things, then do the gentlemen have a reply to give to a question that for example, ‘this person should be ahead or that person should walk behind or that this one should go earlier and that one later? These credentials that the gentlemen take into consideration, if in that line-up His Holiness the Messenger (PBUH) asks us a question, then do we have a reply to give?”‌ thereafter he stated: “Implement the plan that they have prepared.”‌


The Book "Manifestation of the Friend: A collection of memoirs about Imam Khomeini (R.A)"

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