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Manifestation of the Friend

Subtle Spirit

part 9


Two underpants, two shirts

The Imam did not have more than two underpants and two shirts. His spouse would say “He has only these two shirts. But he was always clean and orderly and they must be changed every alternate day.”‌


Simple, yet clean and tidy clothing

The Imam’s worldly possessions included a pair of spectacles, a small radio, a suitcase of clothes and a several books. Actually his entire life was managed with absolute austerity and contentment while at the same time order and discipline prevailed throughout his life. Observance of hygiene and cleanliness was considered to be his main emphasis. His clothes were simple, neat and clean. The Imam was exemplary in all his tasks while his words and actions matched perfectly.


What an amazing human being he was!

After the demise of Imam Khomeini, professor Mell (specialist orthopedist) of Germany came to Iran whom I also went to visit because of my leg problem. After diagnoses, when he came to know of my identity, he proposed that we sit down and engage in dialogue. The topic revolved round the Imam and the professor who was intensely influenced by the simplicity of the home and lifestyle of the Imam asked whether the rest of our authorities also lived as simply as him.

The reply came that of course not as simply as him because Imam Khomeini was an exception. At that meeting he repeatedly expressed his admiration for the Imam and would say: “What an amazing human being he was, with this simple lifestyle he changed the whole world.”‌ He lamented he had not met the Imam while he was still alive.

Let this place to remain as simple as it is

I remember that on the fortieth day of the departure of the Imam to his heavenly abode, two French pastors came to Jamaran. When they saw the simple Jamaran Husseiniyyah meaning the place the Imam held his meetings, they were very shocked and told me that: “Let this place remain as simple as it is so that the world knows the place where a spiritual human being of his greatness lived and the place where he hosted the visitors.”‌


The Book "Manifestation of the Friend: A collection of memoirs about Imam Khomeini (R.A)"

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