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Negative Motive

the holy qur’an

From the Qur’anic point of view, it is censurable to merely think about worldly enjoyments and obtaining one’s materialistic needs. This is due to the fact that human status is more superior to just thinking about satisfying one’s carnal desires and attaining higher worldly positions or fame hampering the person from attaining spiritual perfection and moral virtues.

Human beings can reach this point of perfection based on their own will since a human being has been granted the status of God’s successor on earth.

There are verses in the holy Qur’an indicating that if the person makes efforts only for worldly objectives he will come up with worldly achievements and he will not benefit in the afterlife. In this way, there will be no humane aspect in consuming commodities or services and it will resemble consumption made by animals. It will become even more degrading in case of lack of belief in Islamic values and principles. Hence, from the Qur’anic point of view using divine blessings is censurable and even condemned in case of lack of belief in Islamic principles and will bring about divine chastisement.

On this basis, using these blessings which means consumption must be properly directed. Otherwise, the humane dimension will be lost.

Hypocrisy and ostentation are considered as negative motives for consumption and the holy Qur’an has named Motrifin as revelers and pleasure-seekers who have forgotten God as well as the arrogant persons who engage in acts of hypocrisy, showiness and ostentation.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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