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Manifestation of the Friend

With the People

part 17


They should not chant slogans for me

In one of his public meetings before coming to the Husseiniyyah, the Imam stated to me that, “Tell the public not to chant slogans for me.”‌


I don’t like my photo to be portrayed

I heard that when Muhammad Hashimi went to meet with the Imam after being appointed as the Managing Director of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), the Imam had told him that he did not like the broadcasting station to first televise his photo and news about him. In reply he had told the Imam that the people demanded to see his photo and to broadcast news about him. The Imam retorted that, “We did not become familiar with the people through the radio and television broadcasts. Our acquaintance  with  the  people  started  before  these  matters  that  the broadcasting  station  should  be  placed  at  our  disposal.  Therefore,  the relationship between the people with us and our relationship with the people has nothing to do with these matters.”‌


I wish I had a relationship

A young man wrote to the Imam that “O Imam, because you love God and I love you. O Imam because you have a relationship with God we too have relationship with you.”‌ The Imam read these words and cried instead of saying that how good it is that I have a relationship with God rather he stated: “I wish I had a relationship and these words were true.”‌


The people are in the lead

One night in the house of Haj Ahmad Aqa, we were in the presence of the Imam with a few of our friends. The discussion came up about the selflessness of the people. The Imam stated: “The people are in the lead; we are behind them.”‌ One of the friends remarked that if they were to confess that they were followers of the people, it held true in their case but about the Imam one could not say the same thing because he was leading the people.

I remember that the Imam replied: “No, the people are in the lead.”‌ He truly and deeply believed in the goodness and revolutionary spirit of the people.

Presence of the nation has brought respect in its wake

One day Haj Ahmad Aqa invited Mr. Mahmoud Borujerdi ”son-in-law of the Imam" to his house. At this invitation, Messrs. Sani‘i, Tawassuli, Jamarani and other friends were also present. As a mark of respect for the father of Mr. Mahmoud Borujerdi, the Imam after reciting the mandatory prayer joined the gathering. This get-together coincided with the visit of Ayatollah Khamenei to the United Nations. Among those present, the discussion revolved around his eloquent speech in that organization. The invitees praised the spirited and powerful speech of Ayatollah Khamenei that was particularly useful in explaining Islam and the Islamic Revolution. At this time, when the father of Mr. Mahmoud Borujerdi began to speak, those present fell silent and listened to his words. He supplicated for the health of the Imam and mentioned that because  of  the  blessed  presence  of  the  Great  Leader  of  the  Islamic Revolution, the beloved Islam was now a factor in big organizations such as the United Nations. The Imam with his trademark humility stated: “It is the nation that has discovered its path and the authorities also know what they must do. Now this path will continue whether I am present or not. It is this presence of the nation in the arena that has gained us respect.”‌ He added: “I am certain that the nation of Iran will remain present in the arena and even this presence will also increase qualitatively.”‌


The Book "Manifestation of the Friend: A collection of memoirs about Imam Khomeini (R.A)"

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