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Manifestation of the Friend

With the People

part 12


Attention to small issues

A characteristic trait of the Imam was his comprehensive personality. While he paid attention to the big issues, he would also not forget the smaller ones. For example, if he would come across a person who had once upon a time done a service to him, he would enquire both about his condition as well as that of his family and children; and if one of them had got recently married, he would also enquire about their children.


I ask to be forgiven

The night before the day when the Imam was to depart from Paris for Tehran which was postponed for a later date, the residents of Neauphle le-Chateau carrying large number of bouquets even Christian women who did not

believe in the ‘hijab’ covering, had donned scarves and come to meet the Imam. That night the Christian inhabitants had an extraordinary condition”” all of them were sobbing. The great leader of the Islamic Revolution in a very brief speech, asked his neighbors for forgiveness stating: “I ask to be forgiven. In this period that I was staying here, I caused a lot of headaches for you.”‌ After the interpreter had translated the speech of the Imam, the residents of Neauphle le-Chateau broke down and cried.


I have become a source of inconvenience for you

On February 1, 1979 when the Imam was due to visit the Refah School, but because of the huge crowd he went to the home of one of his relatives. However around 10 p.m. when he entered the Refah School, the pupils were stunned with disbelief on seeing the Imam in front of them. He spoke a little for the children and went to his room. From then on, I was with the Imam in the ‘Alawi School and at times had the honor of security control of the area

around his room. One of the best moments of my life was when at midnight, the Imam got ready to perform ablutions and prepare for the dawn prayer. The door of the Imam’s room opened and I who hailed from a family of clergymen and was reared in the household of a clergy had never ever seen such a disciplined man of religion who at midnight came out wearing his turban, beard combed and sleeves neatly folded to perform ablutions. Suddenly, on seeing him, I was spellbound and greeted him. The Imam prayed and then stated: “I have become a source of inconvenience for you.”‌ I replied that on the contrary he was a blessing for thirty-six million people of Iran. He prayed for me and that prayer always rings in my ears.


Do you know how much affection I have for you?

One two or three occasions when I had the opportunity to meet with him, he expressed his affection for me that I myself felt honored and elated. During one of these visits, while firmly holding my hand in his, he confessed, “Do you know how much affection I have for you.”‌


I long to see Dr. Chamran

One day Haj Ahmad Aqa called the Command Headquarters for Guerrilla Warfare in Ahwaz from the Imam’s Office and said that the Imam had mentioned that he longed to see Dr. Chamran and that he come to Tehran.

On hearing this message, Dr. Chamran who was in those days wounded in the leg in the Susangerd warfront, came to Tehran to meet with the Imam. In his presence, we took the maps and charts of the area of operation to the Imam.

Dr. Chamran who was wounded in the leg and could not fold his knees but out of respect for the Imam who had expressed his affection for him, he folded his knees in front of him and while he had to tolerate a lot of pain, he began to give detailed account and explanation of the maps.

With the unique sagacity that he was gifted with, the Imam came to know of the pain and discomfort of Dr. Chamran and stated: “Dr. Chamran, stretch out your legs and be comfortable.”‌ Dr. Chamran replied that he was comfortable. The Imam insisted: “I say stretch out your legs.”‌ Out of respect for the Imam, Dr. Chamran did not agree and insisted that he was not feeling any discomfort. In an unusual tone the Imam repeated himself twice stating: “I say stretch out your legs out and be comfortable.”‌ Right away Dr. Chamran agreed. After the meeting had ended, the Imam who was preparing to go to the Jamaran Husseiniyyah to meet with the people, called out to his son Haj Ahmad Aqa who was standing in the middle of the courtyard. However, Haj Ahmad Aqa who was inside the courtyard could not hear the Imam. So from inside the room I called out to him and told him that the Imam wanted to talk to him. When Haj Ahmad Aqa came to the Imam, the Imam stated to him that: “With his injured leg, Mr. Chamran cannot pass through these tables that you have arranged here. Remove them from here and open the way.”‌


The Book "Manifestation of the Friend: A collection of memoirs about Imam Khomeini (R.A)"

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