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Manifestation of the Friend

With the People

part 9


Sympathy for his own opponents

One day in the company of Hujjat al-Islam Salimi, who on behalf of the household of the Imam had arrived at the frontline in the South in order to visit and boost the morale of the defendants of Islam, the discussion turned to the behavioral characteristics of the Imam. He remarked that some days ago in the presence of the Imam, the snide remarks and insults unleashed by Sheikh Ali Tehrani and broadcast from Baghdad Radio were brought to the notice of the Imam and he was told that this mischievous man was being very insulting to him. When their conversation ended the Imam stated: “Incidentally, a few days ago I was remembering him and prayed for him.”‌ The Imam was to this extent sympathetic and concerned even in relation to his opponents and enemies.


Did you hear the sound of the bell ringing?

For a long time I would sleep with the Imam when my mother was away traveling. He would say that it was not necessary for me to sleep beside him because my sleep was easily disturbed and this bothered him. Even the alarm clock that was for his waking up, I saw him wrap it inside something and take it two rooms further away so that when it would ring, I would not wake up. Midnight I was awake but did not show it and pretended to be asleep because he wanted to recite the non-mandatory midnight prayers. Next morning in order to see whether I was awake or not told me: “Did you hear the ring of the alarm clock?”‌ I did not want to tell the truth or to lie and

retorted: “Was the clock in your room that I should wake up?”‌ he also came to know that I was acting clever and said: “Answer me first. Did you wake up to the ring of the alarm clock?”‌ I was compelled to say yes agreeing that I

was probably awake because the ring of the alarm clock was really very distant and very low. It was there that he stated: “you must no longer sleep in my room because I am always concerned that you will wake up.”‌ I replied

that I especially wanted somebody to sleep in your room. (It was the time when he had suffered from a heart problem and had arrived in Tehran). We want someone to sleep in your room so that he wakes up if there is any

inconvenience for you. He stated: “No, go and ask your daughter Layla to come to my room. After some days had passed he said: “It is no longer necessary for Laila also to sleep here because she puts away the blanket from her body and I am always compelled to wake up and cover her body with it.”


Why has he cut off ties with us?


One day one of the friends who had an appointment with the Imam because of the unsavory attitude of a novice individual among the security guards, became angry and returned. However at the very first moments that we met with the Imam, he enquired about that person and was informed about the incident. Immediately with a wry yet affectionate smile he stated: “If somebody else has caused him discomfort why has he cut off ties with us?”‌ He too when he was informed of the expression of affection of the Imam was deeply touched.

I often look at the children

The Imam was extremely affectionate and kind and he was especially very fond of children. With a small child he would behave just like a child and would say: “When I go to the ‘Husseiniyyahs’ (place of eulogizing and sermonizing for Imam Hussein (A.S) I often look at the children.”‌ At times when he would see that the children were suffering because of the pressure from the crowd and the heat, he would say: “I feel extremely concerned when I see them being brought to the ‘Husseiniyyahs’ under such deplorable conditions. They are harmed and are inconvenienced.”‌ The Imam loved children of martyrs as much as his own children if I dare to say even more than his own children.


The Book "Manifestation of the Friend: A collection of memoirs about Imam Khomeini (R.A)"

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