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Manifestation of the Friend

With the People

part 7


I came to help you (with the dish-washing)

One day accidentally the number of guests in the house of the Imam had increased. After serving food and clearing the table, I noticed that the Imam came inside the kitchen. Because it was time for his performing ablutions, I asked: “Why has the Imam come into the kitchen?”‌ The Imam stated:

“Because today the number of utensils are too many, I have come to help you.”‌ This is the extent to which the Imam observed the rights and circumstances of others.

I came to help you

In Neauphle le-Chateau, Mrs. Dabbagh played a prominent role and beside other numerous tasks she would also help in the kitchen with the cooking and dish-washing. We would at times go to her to converse and have discussions with her. On one of the days that she was slightly indisposed and was washing the dishes in that state, I went to see her. I felt she was anxious and asked her why she was disconsolate. She replied: “I could not believe it that when I was washing the dishes, the Imam entered and told me that, ‘Sister (the Imam would address her ‘sister’) I have come to help you; allow me to wash the dishes.”‌ Mrs. Dabbagh was profoundly overcome with emotions by this attitude of the Imam that for example, a person of his greatness and preoccupation should come into the kitchen and speak to her in that fashion.


He would call me ‘sister’

In Neauphle le-Chateau I was in the service of the Imam for four months and sixteen days. Sometimes they would ask me to contact so and so pastor and mention the subject of the Revolution or have a discussion with such and

such journalist. I also heard from one of the beloved members of his family that in my absence, he would out of kindness and affection call me ‘Sister Taherreh”‌ which I consider to be an honor and favor from God.


Which food is yours?

In Paris one day when the family of the Imam was guests at the house of one of  their  friends,  the  Imam  stated  that  both  Ayatollah  Mutahhari  and Ayatollah Saduqi should take lunch with him. I took three bowls of “Abgusht”‌ (meat boiled in water with pulses) that was the customary meal to them and thought that I myself would go to the other building and as was usual eat bread, cheese and tomatoes that was the customary food there. When I took the meals, he asked, “Which food is yours?”‌ I could never lie and told him that, “You please take your meal; I will go later to the other building and eat something.”‌ He stated, “Go and bring a bowl.”‌ I took another bowl and he divided the three meals into four and gave one of them

to me.”‌


I stayed awake that night

The night when a group of Iranians came to France to meet the Imam, there was a small room behind his room where I would always sleep. That night when there was shortage of space for sleeping, I handed over that room to the guests and for this reason I slept in the kitchen. When the Imam came to know of this, he stated, “Because you were sleeping in the kitchen and it was likely that you would catch cold, I stayed awake the whole night.”‌


Manifestation of kindness

Sometimes when it was raining and snowing in Paris and the Imam would rise up to say his mandatory prayers, on returning from prayers his shoes would be soiled and dirty. I liked to clean his shoes by wiping off the mud on

the shoes. When the Imam came to know of this, he took care to ensure that his shoes were not soiled and dirty so that I was not inconvenienced even a bit.”‌


Gift on the night of the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ (Christmas)

On the night of Christmas, the Imam sent a message for all the Christians of the world which the news agencies broadcast. Beside this message he instructed us to distribute gifts that the brethren had brought from Iran” ”normally consisting of traditional sweets, pistachios and dried fruits and nuts among the residents of Neuphle le-Chateau. We did this and placed a flower beside every gift package. When we visited some of the homes, we felt that it was extremely astonishing for them that on the night of Christmas, an Iranian leader who was a non-Christian was so close to them and felt so much affection for them. In particular there was a woman who when she accepted the Imam’s gift became so excited that tears of joy rolled down her cheeks. This gesture of the Imam had such an impact on her that she asked for an appointment with the Imam. The Imam without a moment of hesitation agreed to an appointment. There were ten to fifteen of the local residents each of whom came holding a flower. The Imam asked the translator to enquire how they were and if they had any special needs or work with him.

They replied in the negative saying that they only wanted to see the Imam from close and had brought these flowers as gift. With a smile the Imam accepted the flowers from each one of them and placed them in a vase that was within his reach and they departed extremely happy.


The Book "Manifestation of the Friend: A collection of memoirs about Imam Khomeini (R.A)"

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