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Manifestation of the Friend

With the People 

part 5


Beside the people the time of danger

One day in the afternoon about seven or eight missiles struck around Jamaran (place of residence of the Imam). I went to the Imam and said: “If suddenly one of our missiles strikes the palace of Saddam and something happens to Saddam, how happy we shall be, but what if a missile strikes somewhere nearby””in Jamaran””and the ceiling here comes down and something happens to you?”‌ In reply the Imam said: “I swear by Allah I do not consider anydifference and advantage between me and that soldier serving on the warfront. I swear by Allah that it makes no difference to me if I am killed or he is killed.”‌ I told him that we know this is how he felt but it did make a

difference for the people. The Imam state: “No, the people must know that if I go to a place where the bombs kill the revolutionary guards around my house and does not kill me, I will no longer be of any use for leadership of this people. I will only be able to serve the people when my living is like the living of the people. If something was to happen to the people or these revolutionary guards or those that are living here, then let it befall me as wellso that people know that we all are at the side of one another.”‌ I asked him till what time did he want to remain there. He pointed to his blessed forehead and stated: “Until the time that a missile (shrapnel) strikes me here.”‌


Whenever everyone has a trench

At the time of the missile and aerial strikes and bombardment of Tehran near the place of residence of the Imam, a small trench had been built so that the Imam and his family seek shelter at the time of red alert and danger. However, under no circumstance would he enter the trench and when we why he would not enter the trench in order to be safe, he stated: “Do all people have a trench that I should also have one? Whenever, the whole

nation has trenches will I also enter the trench.”‌ And he would remain in that same small room.1

You have no right to hold back the people The Imam would constantly warn the members of the staff of his office that: “Do not behave badly with the people; you have no right to hold back the people.”‌ One day the Imam went out of the house ahead of his daily schedule. The people were standing in throngs behind the fencings of thehouse of the Imam. Especially when he was to come out, they would attempt to open the doors sooner. The Imam looked around anxiously and facing me and the revolutionary guards stated firmly that “these fencings must be removed.”‌


Come over whenever you wish

Everyday more than five-hundred letters would be received by the office of the Imam. Until the time when the doctors advised the Imam against reading too much, he would even read the ordinary mails. We have many letters that the Imam had replied in his own handwriting addressed to children and infants who had in their own way expressed their affections for the Imam.


There are plenty of letters of this kind. Sometimes individuals both foreign and local have requested that the Imam send them his photo or autograph and the Imam ordered that photos be arranged and sent to them.

Ask him to come in

I had a meeting with the Imam in the year 1982, when I reached the gate of the courtyard of his residence, an old man who was carrying a bag of almonds told me with a thick Turkish accent that when I meet with Imam to tell him that an old man from the town of Arasbaran has traveled a long way and wishes to see you and added that he wanted to present this bag of almonds to him. I promised that I would relay his message to the Imam.

When it was my turn to meet him, Hujjat al-Islam Martyr Mahallati, Hujjat al-Islam Anwari, Hujjat al-Islam Muwahhidi Kermani the representatives of the Imam in the Revolutionary Guards Corps, gendarmerie, and the State Police respectively also had an appointment with him. When the Imam told Mr. Sani‘i that at present he was tired and could not meet the officials, I thought to myself that since the Imam had not agreed to meet with hisrepresentatives as he was indisposed, then how could he agree to meet with the old man. But in any case I told him that an old man was very eager to see him. The Imam immediately stated: “Ask him to come in.”‌ when the old man entered, the Imam warmly enquired about his health and bent himself to kiss the hands of the old man.


He was extremely respectful in his approach

The public relations of the Imam were so strong that despite all the problems and responsibilities that he had, at times individuals would come to him and discuss family quarrels. One day a young man came to the office of the Imam while wearing worn out clothes and being on a hunger strike asked to meet with the Imam. However much the colleagues insisted that he tell them about his problem but he refused and did not agree to end his hunger strike. He further said that the meeting must be absolutely private and if any person was to enter the room, he would stop talking. The matter was reported to the Imam. Although it was risky and dangerous that a young man without proper identity should meet with the Imam in private and alone, nevertheless the Imam accepted. This young man went to the Imam and asked a series of irrelevant questions. But although his problem was very irrelevant, yet the Imam’s attitude towards him was extremely respectful.


The Book "Manifestation of the Friend: A collection of memoirs about Imam Khomeini (R.A)"

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