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Work and Generosity


Imam Ali (A.S) was a hard-working man with a pleasant personality. He worked hard while farming and cultivating orchards. He developed several plots and orchards and then gave them all away for the sake of Allah.

One day, he acquired a piece of barren land outside Medina which he wanted to cultivate. In order to do this, he decided to dig a well, he chose a suitable place and, putting his hopes in the grace of Allah, he began to dig.

Several days went by, but still there was no sign of any water coming out of the well. One day, Imam Ali picked up a pick-axe, entered the well and, using all his strength and energy, worked very hard for a while, but still there was no sign of water.

Exhausted, he came out of the well, wiped away the sweat of his brow, rested for a while, and then re-entered the well. He was swinging the pick-axe with such vigor that the sound of his breathing could be heard all around. After receiving a strong, hard blow with the pick-axe, the ground suddenly split open, and fresh, clear water bubbled up.

He climbed quickly out of what had now become a wonderful well in the dry desert which would soon turn ill the surrounding area into a lovely orchard. Soon the people gathered around to see it. Each of them was commenting on It.

"What a hard working man is Ali!" one said "since 'Ali is a good and generous man, "said another.

"Allah has been generous to him and given him goodness" "Ali and his descendants have become rich forever." said some.

Some congratulated Imam 'Ali, while some were jealous. "Bring me a paper and pen" said Ali (a.s.) and when they had done so, he sat down and wrote the following:

I have endowed this well and the land surrounding it in charity for its income to be used as follows:

a. In helping the poor and destitute.

b. In helping the travelers far away from their homes.

c. In providing the means for the marriages of orphans.

d. In providing medical care for the poor.

e. In the doing of good works of public benefit.

I have endowed this well in charity so as to seek the pleasure of Allah and the rewards of the Hereafter, and in order to be saved from the of Hell.


The Children's Book On Islam



P. 59 - 61

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