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  • 10/9/2012

NAM expresses support for global nuclear disarmament

iran’s ambassador to the united nations muhammad khazaei

The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) has highlighted the need for global nuclear disarmament, endorsing the rights of each state to develop peaceful nuclear energy.

“The Non-Aligned Movement believes that the only certain guarantee for not using nuclear weapons or even threatening to use them is the wholesale destruction of the arms in the arsenals of the countries possessing nuclear weapons,”‌ said a Monday NAM statement read out by Iran's Ambassador to the United Nations Muhammad Khazaei before the UN Disarmament Commission.

Khazaei, who was representing the NAM member states in the commission, underscored total disarmament as the main priority of the movement and expressed the organization’s concern over the slow process of denuclearization across the world.

He also voiced the movement’s support for research on and the production and use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

According to Khazaei, the movement’s member states believe that threatening to attack nuclear facilities would not only endanger human lives and the environment, but also constitutes a “blatant violation”‌ of international laws.

NAM is an international organization with 120 member states that is not formally aligned with or against any major power bloc. Nearly two-thirds of the countries of the UN are also NAM members.

Iran assumed the rotating presidency of NAM for a three-year term in early September.

Source: presstv.com

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