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Morality of Imam Sadjad (A.S)

part 3


The Story of Grapes

Imam al-Sadiq (A.S) has reported: Imam Sadjad was very fond of grapes. One day, they had brought fresh grapes to Medina. His wife bought some of them for him to break his fast with. When they brought them before him and he stretched out his hand to take some, a needy person knocked the door and asked for something. The Imam told his wife to take the grapes for the needy person. She said, “Some of it was enough for the needy person.”‌ The Imam said, “No, By Allah; take all of it for him.”‌ The next day, again they bought grapes for him but an indigent person came to the door and the Imam gave him all of the grapes. The third night, no needy came. So the Imam ate the grapes saying, “We did not lose anything in it, thanks to Allah.”‌


Nobility in Childhood

Abdullah ibn Mubarak reports: When I was on Hajj to Mecca, I caught sight of a seven or eight year old child walking alongside a caravan of pilgrims with no provision with him. I went forward, saluted him and asked, “With whom did you cover the desert?”‌ He said, “With the Beneficent Allah.”‌ He looked great to me. I asked, “Where is your provision, my son?”‌ He said, “My piety is my provision and my Lord is my goal.”‌ He looked magnanimous. I asked, “Which lineage do you come from?”‌ He said, “`Abd al-Muttalib.”‌

- “Which family?”‌

- “Hashim.”‌

- “Which branch.”‌

- `Ali - Fatimah.”‌

- O my master! Have you composed a poem?

- “Yes, I have.”‌

- “Recite part of your poem.”‌

The Imam recited a poem with the following words:

We are those sent to the pond of Kawthar. We give water to some and repel others. None can attain salvation but through our mediation. One who loves us will not suffer losses and one who makes us happy will receive happiness from us and whoever harms us will be of low birth. One who usurps our right will be punished on the Judgment Day!

Then I lost sight of him until I came to Mecca. When I completed my Hajj rituals and returned to al-Abtah, I saw a circle of people round someone. It was the same child with whom I spoke. I asked who he was. They said that he was Sadjad.



Author: Allama Hussein Ansariyan

Translator: Dr. Ali Akbar Aghili Ashtiani

P. 204-210

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