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Morality of Imam Sadjad (A.S)

part 2


A Qur’anic Pardon

One of the slave-girls of Imam Sadjad was pouring water on his hands while performing ablution when all of a sudden the ewer hit and hurt the Imam’s face. The Imam raised his head towards her.

 The slave-girl said: Allah says, “Those who restrain their anger.”‌ The Imam said, “I restrained my anger.”‌ The slave-girl said, “…and pardon men.”‌ The Imam said, “I pardoned you.”‌ The slave-girl said, “…and Allah loves the doers of good.”‌ The Imam said, “You are free in the way of Allah.”‌


Day of Loss

Imam al-Sadiq (A.S) reported: There was a clown in Medina who would make people laugh. One day he said to himself, “This man (Imam Sadjad) has made me helpless to make him laugh!”‌ So, when the Imam was followed by two of his servants, he passed by the clown. Seeing the Imam, the clown walked behind him, drew his cloak and ran away. The Imam did not pay any attention to the clown but people went after him and took back the cloak. Addressing people, the Imam said, “Who is this man?”‌ They said, “He is a making people of Medina laugh.”‌ The Imam said, “Tell him there is a day for Allah in which idle people will suffer losses.”‌


Unknown Among Travelers

Imam al-Sadiq has reported: Imam Sadjad used to go on trips without letting his co-travelers recognize him so that he could help them as an unknown person. However, he was recognized by one of his co-travelers, “Do you know who this man is? This is `Ali ibn al-Hussein.”‌ People rushed to him kissing his hands and feet, saying, “O son of Allah’s Messenger: We might have harmed you with our hands and tongues hence deserving hell! What made you travel in this way?”‌ The Imam said, “Once I traveled with a group who knew me very well, they treated me for the sake of the Holy Prophet in a way I did not deserve. I thought you might do the same. For this reason, I prefer to travel as an unknown person.”‌


Kindness To A Camel

Imam al-Sadiq (A.S) has reported: When he was passing away, Ali ibn al-Hussein said to his son, Imam al-Baqir, “I have gone on Hajj on this camel for twenty times and I have not given it a lash. Bury it when it dies so that it will not be eaten by wild animals, for Allah’s Messenger has said: Any camel which goes to `Arafah for seven times, Allah will make it one of the blessings of Paradise and place blessing in its offspring.”‌ When the camel of the Imam died, they buried it.


Giving Away His Food

When `Ali ibn al-Hussein was fasting, he would have a sheep slaughtered, its meat cut into pieces and cooked. At sunset while he had not broken his fast, he would order to bring the bowls, fill them and take them to such and such houses until there was no more food in the pot. Then, they brought bread and date for the Imam to break his fast with.


Helping The Needy

When dark overwhelmed Medina and people were at rest, Imam Sadjad would come out of house to go to the needy people and divide among them the food which he carried in a bag on his shoulder while covering his face so that none would know him. On many occasions, he would stand waiting at the doors so that they would come and take their shares. When they saw him face to face, they would say: He is the possessor of bag!”‌



Author: Allama Hussein Ansariyan

Translator: Dr. Ali Akbar Aghili Ashtiani

P. 204-210

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