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Morality of Imam Sadjad (A.S)

part 1


A relative of Imam Sadjad was standing beside him, raising his voice and abusing him. The Imam did not answer him until he went back to his house. At this moment, the Imam said to his companions, “Did you hear what this man said? I would like you to come with me to hear my response.”‌ The Imam put on his shoes and set out with his companions saying to himself,

وَالْكَاظِمِينَ الْغَيْظَ وَالْعَافِينَ عَنِ النَّاسِ وَاللّهُ يُحِبُّ الْمُحْسِنِينَ (134)

…and those who restrain their anger and pardon men; and Allah loves the doers of the good. (3:134)

When they reached the house of that man, the Imam introduced himself to the servant who conveyed it to his master. The man who seemed to be looking for trouble came out. He was sure that the Imam had come for retaliation; rather, the Imam said, “My brother! A few minutes ago, you were standing beside me and said such and such words against me. If I am the one whom you described, I will ask for Allah’s forgiveness; but if what you said about me is not true, may Allah forgive you.”‌ The man kissed the Imam’s forehead, saying, “What I said about you is not true and it is more deserving of me.”‌


The Lepers

Imam al-Sadiq (A.S) has reported: One day, Imam Sadjad was passing by the lepers while he was riding. The lepers who were eating invited the Imam to share food with them. The Imam said, “I am fasting; otherwise, I would sit with you.”‌ When the Imam reached home, he had some food prepared, invited the lepers and ate with them.


Forgiving A Neighbor

Husham ibn Isma`il was appointed as ruler of Medina by Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan. One of the grandsons of Imam Ali (A.S) reports: Husham ibn Isma`il was a bad neighbor who persecuted Imam Sadjad greatly. When he was dismissed, he was brought to public with his hands tied, on the order of Walid ibn `Abd al-Malik for retaliation. While he was under arrest near Marwan’s house, Imam Sadjad passed by and greeted him. The Imam had already advised his companions not to offend Husham.


A Hidden Charity

There were families in Medina whose needs were fulfilled without knowing wherefrom. When Imam Ali ibn al-Hussein passed away, they found out that it was the Imam who had secretly helped them.

It is also reported: Imam Sadjad would come out of house at nights with a purse full of Dirhams and Dinars and go from one door to another leaving some Dirhams and Dinars at the door of each house. Only when he had passed away, they found out that the benefactor had been Imam Sadjad.


Prayer And Charity

Abu-Hamzah Thamali has reported: I saw Imam Sadjad in prayer while his cloak was falling off his shoulders but he did not make any attempt to hold it until he completed his prayer. I asked about it. The Imam said, “Woe to you! Do you know before Whom was I standing? Prayer is not accepted save with full concentration and presence of heart.”‌



Author: Allama Hussein Ansariyan

Translator: Dr. Ali Akbar Aghili Ashtiani

P. 204-210

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