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Verses in regard to the Creator


The verses related to the Creator can be divided into three categories:

1- Creation

Many verses name a variety of blessings such as foods, fruits, drinks, clothes, house, transportation means and fuel emphasizing that God has created them for human beings so that they would enhance their insight and wisdom and obey the divine commandments and do not forget thanking God for such blessings.

2- Conformity of blessings with human needs

Since God is the Creator of human beings, He is more aware of one’s needs to continue life, grow and go through the process of evolution. God needs no one and has provided human beings with all human requirements due to his affection and kindness. Some verses of the holy Qur’an have mentioned this very point that there is a sort of proportionality between human needs and the material possibilities calling upon human beings to contemplate about them and in this way enhance their insight and wisdom towards the creator of this world which will eventually pave the way for being grateful and obedient to God.

3- Sustenance

Human beings eat food and drink water and wear clothes that indicate their needs. The holy Qur’an has described this as sustenance that may refer to incessant generosity either in this world or afterlife or the person’s share in life and whatever the person eats or drinks becoming part of his body.

Sustenance comprises external sustenance that is related to the body and internal sustenance related to the person’s power of perception.

Hence, human food is external sustenance and sciences and knowledge form his internal sustenance.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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