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Remembering the Creator of all blessings


Human beings have an advantage over other creatures and that is their power of intellect, mind and will. Human beings will be distinguished from animals provided that they make use of their intellect and tread the path of prosperity and human perfection based on their will and refrain from merely satisfying their carnal desires or materialistic needs. It is clear that all living creatures look for food and seek to set up an appropriate shelter and humans make similar efforts. The holy Qur’an confirms such requirements and does not want human beings to stop at this point and merely focus on meeting the materialistic demands. On the other hand, from the Qur’anic point of view human being, as the most sublime creature that enjoys the power of intellect and will, must move in a specific direction based on human values. The simplest and best way is to become familiar with the Creator of universe and blessings as the source of perfection in order to realize with certainty that all beauties and perfect things in the world have been created by God almighty. For this reason, while using these blessings in a proper way, human beings must boost their knowledge of God and tread the path of human perfection.

In this way, one will get closer to God through strengthening his wisdom and acquiring human perfection.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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