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The theoretical foundations of consumption model: Recognizing forbidden and permissible commodities


One of the means for applying a rational and logical model for performing any duty is to create the necessary insight and recognition concerning that particular duty as well as its limits and rules. Hence, it is necessary to observe certain limits and rules and there are other rules that are given less priorities. Therefore, realizing the priorities and important cases is of great sensitivity and has a vital role in attaining the objective. On this basis, a Muslim consumer must first recognize the permissible or lawful (halal) and impermissible or unlawful (haram) commodities for adopting the proper model of consumption. He must be aware of the criterion indicating the lawful or unlawful nature of the commodities so that in practice he would be able to observe the limits and rules with a stronger motive. Therefore, the viewpoint of the holy Qur’an in this regard forms an important theoretical basis in this connection.

Some of the verses of holy Qur’an consider cleanliness and purity as the criterion authorizing the use of a commodity and consider malignancy as the criterion making the use of a particular commodity unlawful. For example:

Say: I find nothing in what has been revealed to me that forbids any one to eat of any food except the dead, running blood, and the flesh of swine for these are unclean (Al-Anaam, 145).

He will make good things lawful to them and prohibit all that is foul (Al-Araf, 157).

Eat of the good things with which we have provided you (Ta-Ha, 81).

If something is not hated by the healthy human nature, it would be pleasant such as pure sustenance. Whatever is pleasant for the healthy and sound human nature and considered clean is pure including different moderate and pleasing demands such as clothing, food, housing, spouse, etc.

Since the content of the call made by the Prophet of Islam (Blessings of God upon him and his progeny) is in congruity with the sound human nature whatever satisfies a healthy nature of human is authorized and the hated things are considered as unlawful or haram.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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