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Leaders Appointed by the God

Prophet Ibrahim (Abrham)


The Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) lived long ago. In those days the people were ignorant and illiterate. They had totally forgotten the teachings of the previous prophets, and they had lost the way and tradition of worshipping Allah. Instead, they worshipped idols.

They made statues of people or animals out of stone, wood, silver or gold, and they worshipped them. In front of these lifeless, powerless objects they would prostrate themselves, pray to them and offer them sacrifices.

One group would worship the sun, another group the moon, another the stars, and so on.

Many of the people in those days served the tyrants and oppressors. They even considered them as gods and worshipped them. They accepted their commands as if they were the commands of Allah, and never questioned them or reflected !bout them. The people humiliated themselves by throwing themselves to the ground before their rulers, and made every effort to satisfy them.

In such a dark time our Merciful Allah chose Ibrahim(A.S) and taught him the right way of life, and then He commanded Ibrahim (A.S) to call the people to the way of worshipping Allah.


Ibrahim (A.S) used to say to the people:

"What power do the idols have?

Why do you love and worship them?

What have these statues ever done for you?

They do not see, they do not hear,

They cannot harm you and they cannot benefit you:

Why do you humiliate yourselves before them?

Why do you prostrate before them?

Why do you worship them, and submit to their priests?"

But the people heard these words without reflecting on them. They would reply:

"Our fathers and forefathers worshipped the idols.

Our friends and colleagues worship the idols.

So we will follow our ancestors and remain on their religion."

Ibrahim (A.S) used to say to them:

"Your ancestors were mistaken.

Your fathers were also mistaken.

They should not have worshipped idols.

But do you not yourselves have reason?

Do you yourselves not have understanding?

Can you not see for yourselves that these idols are weak and helpless?

"O people, I am a Prophet of Allah, and I have brought His message. It is a message of freedom and prosperity. Listen to my words and accept them and be blessed in this world and in the Hereafter."

"O people, no idol is your lord and sustainer, nor master of your fate. The One Who is your Lord and Sustainer and Master of your fate is Allah, Who has created you and the earth and the heavens, and Who controls the world and all that is in it. He has all power, and He has not given control of the world to anyone nor has He taken help to control it. He is Unique, Triumphant and All-powerful."

"These idols of yours disgust me. I hate them and I refuse to submit to them."

I love Allah, and I am devoted only to Him. I know that my sickness and my cure, my life and my death, my time in this world and my time in the Hereafter, everything is in His hands. My only hope is that on the Day of Resurrection He will be kind to me, and treat me generously.

"O people, be worshippers of the One True Allah, for all power is from Allah, and it is Allah alone who is Triumphant and All-powerful. Allah is the only One to befriend you and help you. Be attentive to Him and worship only Him. He is the only One worthy of sub mission and worship. You must only be led by Allah and His servants whom He has appointed to lead you and guide you".


The Children's Book On Islam



P. 29 - 31

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