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Religious Groups in Brazil Condemn Attacks on Islam

prophet muhammad (pbuh)

The Brazilian Commission for Combating Religious Intolerance (CCIR) condemned the film “Innocence of Muslims”‌ as “disrespectful”‌ of the Prophet Muhammad, and organized a mass protest demanding respect for freedom of religion in this country.

The organization “repudiates any manifestation of scorn for beliefs or lack of respect for what is sacred to religions,”‌ says a communiqué issued by the CCIR, an ecumenical group whose members include the

Israelite Federation of Rio de Janeiro, the Espأ‌rita Umbandista congregation, Protestant and Catholic churches, and Muslim, Candomblé, Buddhist, Roma or gypsy, and indigenous groups.

“The CCIR also stresses that it does not support violent stances, and that as a result of coexistence with the followers of Islam, it affirms the seriousness and respect that Muslims have for the preaching of love, religiosity and the values that help build a better world,”‌ it adds.

“It is a highly offensive film that gratuitously offends Muhammad, depicts Muslims as barbarians and incites hatred,”‌ Sami Isbelle, a member of the Muslim Beneficent Society of Rio de Janeiro, told IPS.

The society, which forms part of the CCIR, also condemned the “un-Islamic”‌ reactions to the film.

That route is being taken by the CCIR, which emerged in 2008 with the initial aim of defending religions of African origin from attacks, mainly by groups linked to neo-Pentecostal churches.

By Sadroddin Musawi

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