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  • 9/22/2012

Analyst: Anti-Islam Film, Zionist False-Flag Operation

author and islamic studies expert kevin barrett

A political analyst says that an anti-Islam film made in the U.S. is a false-flag operation, led by the Zionist entity and its supporters.

Author and Islamic Studies expert Kevin Barrett says, “There has been a coordinated media campaign slandering Islam ever since the three World Trade skyscrapers were blown up on live television, a snuff film featuring the murder of 3,000 unwitting extras designed to whip up the whole planet into an anti-Muslim hysteria and it hasn’t stopped ever since.

“This campaign is orchestrated by a combination of intelligence agencies and the people who control the Western mainstream media. Andtheir goal, I think, is twofold. Some of them are strategists who Believe that the U.S. long-term imperial strategy requires strong mobilization during this period of China’s rise and they wanted to double the military budget and take an aggressive posture all over the world, add many military bases all over the world, etc.

“I think that if this is a false-flag operation designed to influence the course of world events, that it’s part of this larger strategy of tension, which as I said, is a hard-line Zionist strategy from the 9/11 attacks onward, to create a war between Islam and the West and right now. Why would they want to bring this to a boil now?

“Well, as we all know, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is just dying to start a war with Iran and he thinks that the only chance he’ll have is if either he can do it before the election and force President Barack Obama to go along with it, or if Obama can be defeated in the election, then the Romney administration would probably be willing to go along with it.”‌

By Sadroddin Musawi

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